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Cheer Up, At Least You're Not Derek Hale From "Teen Wolf"

Whenever life gets you down, remember: Derek Hale's life is way worse than yours. Spoilers!

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1. Derek Hale's first girlfriend lit his family on fire! Yours (probably?) didn't.

Some people send break-up texts. Others burn your whole life to the ground and giggle about it. It really just depends on what kind of a break up it is.

2. Derek Hale can't ever swap clothes with his besties, because his body is too ruggedly handsome. :( / Via

It's because he spends 60% of his day doing pushups in the charred remains of his family home. The other 40% goes to crying silently while watching the sunset from his porch.

4. Also, Derek Hale doesn't have any besties in the first place, because no one wants to be his friend.

That fella on the right is Scott "Not In Your Pack" McCall. Scott likes everyone in the world! Except for Derek Hale.

6. Derek Hale's most popular love interest is a teenage boy.

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Don't pretend like you wouldn't watch the hell out of that movie.

But seriously, nobody likes teenage boys.

8. Derek Hale is related to the sassiest sociopath in the whole world (who wants to kill him).

Peter Hale is like if Hades from Hercules stopped being a cartoon and started murdering your sister by ripping her in half.

10. Derek Hale just found out his baby sister was alive, only to have her go crazy and try to murder him!

She wasn't dead, Derbear. She was just being hidden from you by a pack of Alphas so that she could one day murder you while all whacked out on full moon juice! Because your life is terrible.

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