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Jan 2016
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    mollyh4b441ae22 commented on What TV Or Movie Character Did You Used To Really Like, But Now Kind Of Hate?

    J.D. from Scrubs. Easily my favorite show to rewatch because the I found the characters in the early seasons quirky and relatable. I realized over the years that while Elliot and Turk mature and get their careers and personal lives in order, J.D. is stuck being a large manchild who… 

    2 years ago

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  • mollyh4b441ae22's avatar

    mollyh4b441ae22 commented on Tell Us If A Book Changed Your Life Forever

    Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman. The book explores different models of time and relativity as (fictionally) theorized by Einstein when he was still a patent office clerk. Time that flows backwards, in circles or random fits, time that simply ended, time in the form of birds or… 

    3 years ago

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