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Removing Pimples Overnight For Those Allergic To Pain/Effort

A life changing product that absorbs the goo inside your pimples.

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When I was studying abroad in Korea, I used to see people with patches all over their face at coffee shops, on the subway, and even being changed in the ladies room. Finally being the ignorant American that I am I had to ask my new Korean friends "Why does everyone have stickers on their face?".

Then my life changed forever.

My friend then explained that these stickers are meant to heal and absorb all of the oil and pus from tiny pimples to the plateaued mountains that cannot even be squeezed.

If you're skeptical, which I know you are because you are on the internet, I can give you a few options here.

Option #1 - Anticipate the next eclipse.

Wait for the whitehead to come through all the way and squeeze.

Option #2 - Voldemort yourself.

Pick at it incessantly until the end result is much like your last relationship and leaves a scar on your forehead.

Option #3 - Stick it and quit it.


This amazing product from Nexcare allows you to smack this bad boy on the pimple attempting to separate itself from your head by mitosis and get out unscathed. It works like a sponge to soak up what would become a whitehead later as well as pus and oil.

I mean, it's more hygienic.


These patches are also great because not only do they absorb all the pus and oil, they also keep air and dirt from making the pimple worse without drying out the skin like a salicylic acid or alcohol based product might. You can also pick out various sizes depending on the size of the ever growing monster on your face.

You can actually see it working~

Once its been a few hours, or overnight you can actually feel the area get flatter and a white cloud emerge on the sticker. A true glimmer of hope.

Like most white stuff, its pretty gross but is completely absorbed by the thick squishy texture of the sticker.

Get to sticking and leave a comment with your experience below!

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