16 Home Design Trends From 20 Years Ago That I'm Begging To Come Back In Style, And 7 That Still Make Me Ask, "Why Was That A Thing We Did?"

    The hold that "textured walls" had on us...

    Let's talk about early 2000s interior design because, honestly, it was pretty chaotic. We had late '90s trends that carried into the early aughts mixed with the retrofuturism that came with the new millennium. Plus, with the rise of HGTV and home makeover shows, homeowners were introduced to the idea of "doing it yourself," and boy, did they try...things.

    So I went on a little trip down memory lane and compiled a list of, what I think, are 26 of the most memorable home design trends from the early 2000s:

    1. Butterfly chairs:

    butterfly chair with a fuzzy pillow

    2. Manipulating paint for "textured walls":

    We even used sandpaper on our walls for an "aged" look.

    3. Inflatable furniture:

    teens sitting on inflatable seats

    4. Sage green and lavender purple color combo:

    room filled with the colors

    5. Stenciling:

    closeup of hands using a stencil

    The stencils of flowers and fruits and veggies were always kinda cute. But, the words...

    stenciled words outlining the window

    6. Shabby chic:

    living room with very floral and ruffled furniture

    I don't love the idea of using "crackle" paint to make my white baseboards look old and "rustic," but more florals...always.

    martha stewart holding a pillow with floral prints

    7. Baskets:

    baskets lining the top of a ktichen hatch

    8. Red walls:

    room with red walls

    9. Themed rooms:

    sea themed space

    Love the Mediterranean? Do this:

    room painted in dark colors and matching chairs

    And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the extremely pervasive Tuscan-inspired kitchen, something I truly hope never comes back in style.

    kitchen styled with tuscan influence

    I'm all for using themes to decorate. To me, it's always better than the cold and sterile white and gray look. BUT, the "exotic" theming used in the early 2000s was a bit problematic.

    animal print pillows

    10. Painted green furniture:

    11. Decorative candles:

    two lit pillar candles

    12. Sometimes they were on these metal candle holders with little spikes sticking out.

    13. And these pressed flower ones too:

    14. This "natural look":

    wood furniture in a living room

    15. Melted plastic "popcorn" lamps:

    lamp with a kitty cat face

    16. Matching bedroom sets:

    matching dark wood bed set

    17. Americana:

    But sometimes, the patriotism was less subtle, and people covered their homes with American flags.

    flag decor

    18. Beaded curtains:

    person parting the beads at a door frame

    19. Valances:

    the cropped curtain placed on top of a window

    20. Kitchen roosters:

    21. Chrome and/or retrofuturism accents:

    retro clock

    It's like 2000s-does-70s-does-future, and I'm still obsessed with it:

    22. Frosted glass decor:

    glass jars on a shelf

    23. And finally, just...all the colors:

    room decorated in every color


    bedroom with every color

    What are some early 200s trends that I missed? Let me know in the comments below.