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    24 People Who Are So Deep In Hustle Culture, They've Forgotten What It's Like To Have A Life

    "Clients >> Husband ๐Ÿ˜‚"

    1. This person who's convinced "having a personal brand online" is more valuable than a literal billion dollars:

    Screenshot of someone more invested in LinkedIn followers than a billion dollars

    2. This person who might possibly have the worst take on the meaning of life:

    "We don't have enough time on this planet to take weekends off"

    3. This person who thinks a good work/life balance means taking work calls on the sidelines at their kidโ€™s football game:

    Screenshot of a Facebook post

    4. This bride who respects the grind more than her husband:

    A woman working on her wedding day

    5. This person who thinks working a 60 to 80-hour work week is "cool":

    Screenshot of someone saying they work 60 to 80 hours a week

    6. This clearly out-of-touch person who suggests ringing random doorbells to get ahead:

    Screenshot of someone's tweet

    7. This person who thinks if things are going well, they're not working hard enough:

    "If everything is under control, you're going too slow.

    8. This person who proves that when you're deep in that "grindset," everything can be a teachable moment (and I would argue the "lesson" here is that rich people have the privilege to work less, but okay):

    Screenshot of someone's post

    9. This person who's trying to motivate people, but comes off as just kind of sad:

    Someone bragging that not having kids means they can work 'around the clock.'

    10. This self-described "hustler" who can't remember what friends are for:

    Screenshot of a Facebook post

    11. This person who suggests that sometimes you need to literally die in order to be successful:

    Screenshot of a post

    12. This motivational speaker who finds any excuse to talk about the hustle, even if it involves being shit on by a bird:

    Someone's post showing that they were pooped on by a bird

    13. This person who thinks people in their 20s don't have a life yet and that the whole decade should really only be for "grinding":

    Someone saying that people in their 20s shouldn't complain and just work

    14. This person who sees meditation, napping, and calling their dad as all part of their "work":

    Screenshot of a Facebook post

    15. This crying CEO who just can't seem to turn it off, even after a death in the family...and even after he says there's more to life than work:

    Screenshot of a Facebook post

    16. This boss who sees getting paid for a job as an "extra perk":

    Screenshot of a Facebook post

    17. This person who thinks "most people" would choose to spend time with Elon Musk over free money:

    Screenshot of a Facebook post

    18. This person who gets ready for work the same way a kid gets ready for Disney World:

    Screenshot of a post

    19. This company praising their project coordinator who provided a label-making company with a new lead while their newborn was in the hospital:

    Someone working after having given birth

    20. This person who puts work over their own emotional and physical wellbeing, their family, and the health of their coworkers...just to "make it":

    Screenshot of a post

    21. This person who thinks people who can't afford record gas prices are just not working hard enough:

    Someone saying that people who can't afford gas are "simply broke"

    22. This person who thinks being poor is a "mindset":

    Post of someone saying being poor is a "mindset"

    23. This person who's too busy for dating, or anything really, because they're building a whole-ass empire:

    Screenshot of someone's Facebook post

    24. And finally, this person who talks about work like it's the military:

    Screenshot of a post

    H/T: r/LinkedInLunatics and r/antiwork