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Tell Us About The Strangest Or Most Pointless Assignment A Teacher Has Ever Given You

We all had at least one.

I think we can all agree that teachers are pretty much heroes, and they all deserve a raise for how much they have to put up with.

But, they're human, and humans are weird, to say the least.

In eighth grade, my teacher had us write poems (a normal thing to do) and then made us perform them in front of everyone as either a rap song or a blues song (not really a normal thing to do). She provided harmonicas.

I know I'm not the only one out there who's had a teacher assign a strange, pointless, or just completely ridiculous assignment. So I want to hear your stories!

Maybe your English teacher made you memorize and then recite something for busywork because he wanted a break from grading papers, but he chose, like, the entire first chapter of A Tale of Two Cities or something equally as long. So you had to pull an all-nighter, and now you can't even remember a single word from the damn thing.

Or perhaps your health teacher made you record every single thing you ate in a journal, and you had to write how many calories each food contained and all the nutritional information of each item. And you spent hours recording everything...just to get a checkmark for a grade.

Maybe your teacher had a special guest come in and teach once a week, like a finance professional. And she made you put fake money into the stock market, but you really could not have cared less about this lesson, and looking back, you realize it was super weird that your school put such an emphasis on money-making, especially considering you were 10 years old.

Or maybe to help with your analysis skills, your English teacher tried to pull a Dangerous Minds and passed out song lyrics. But instead of teaching you anything really meaningful, he just used the lesson as an excuse to play Billy Joel songs for the entire lesson.

Whatever it was that your teacher assigned, I want to know about it. In the comments below, tell us an assignment your teacher gave you that was super weird, ridiculous, or pointless. If you want to remain anonymous, you can submit your story using this Google Form.

Your experience may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!