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    People Are Sharing Popular Movie Tropes That Defined The Past Decade, But Will Make A Film Feel Verrry Dated In 25 Years

    Can't wait till the "well, THAT just happened" style of comedy is over.

    With 2023 quickly approaching, we have a lot to look forward to in terms of new releases: The Little Mermaid, Barbie, Oppenheimer, and Scream VI, just to name a few.

    And while it's easy to be excited now, I wonder, with all the current tropes in modern movies, if sometime in the very near future, these new movies will feel dated.

    Well, I'm not the only one. Recently, over on the r/movies subreddit, Reddit user u/DieFanboyDie asked "What are the popular tropes today that are going to make films feel 'dated' 25 years from now?" Here are some of the best responses:

    1. "Messenger chat bubbles appearing on screen."

    text chat bubbles on the side of the screen as the character types on their phone

    2. "Breaking the fourth wall and being meta."

    voiceover saying, deadpool 2 is a family film. and every good family film starts with a vicious murder: bambi, the lion king, saw seven

    3. "Straight up being just absolutely too dark to watch. Not in tone, I don't mean dark as in 'gritty' — I mean, shit, bitch, turn on a light. I cannot see the movie. I'm watching a black screen. This could be an audiobook."

    scene from the batman that is so dark to see

    4. "Post/mid-credits anything. I'm tired of them."

    in thor, the dad says, they will fear us again. do you understand me hercules. and then the son responds, yes father

    5. "Snorricam. Mounting the camera to the actor in order to shoot their head and face, keeping them still while the background moves. It's mad overused." Like this scene from Pain & Gain (2013):

    6. "Anti-heroes and sympathetic villains. Not every villain needs to have a tragic past or a completely sympathetic motive. Sometimes they can just like being evil."

    closeup of cruella

    7. "'Well, THAT just happened' and other filler punchlines to complete the Avengers-style constant comedy quota."

    three characters looking up at the sky and saying they fly now

    8. "I’ve noticed a lot of recent documentaries keep in the part where the guest enters the scene and sits down, has a bit of chit-chat, has their makeup adjusted, etc."

    9. "1980s everywhere. Nostalgic '80s music, clothing, and branding."

    group of kids riding their bikes in the. movie It

    10. "Sky beams."

    group of people looking up at a sky beam in the movie fantastic four

    11. "This is already starting to get a little dated, but those 'improv scenes' in comedy movies where the camera just stays on a character or two while they riff out a few zingers."

    character reading a text that says we're going to get lit af and one character says, lit af that's not good, and the other says, no, they're gonna get literature. african literature.

    12. "Trauma-focused horror movies will definitely be a marker of the 2010s/2020s."

    scene from midsommar of a woman crying and a group of woman surrounding her

    13. "CGI de-aged actors."

    character made to look younger in It chapter two

    14. "Ultra-dramatic and slow modern covers of songs."

    a scense in black widow where the subtitles tell that a melodramatic cover of smells like teen spirit is playing

    15. "Computer-generated blue and gold light constructs used everywhere to represent future tech. It's used way too much."

    the new technology used in the movie the devergent series

    16. "Overly 'quippy' protagonists."

    daughter: how is the step-monster? dad; she is fine thank you for asking she's actually in vegas at a conference. daughter: oh no dad i don't actually care i just wanted to say step-monster

    17. "Over-reliance on current pop culture references for jokes or surprises."

    scene from Free Guy of a chris pine looking at a video of a man using captain america shield and then his arm becomes like the hulk's

    18. "Referencing social media and using internet slang incorrectly or in a cringey way."

    in boo bitch the character says, this is our LCTMSEM and Last chance to make some epic memories is written on the screen

    19. And finally, "Rapid, chaotic camera movement and jangly, incoherent editing that tries to make action scenes more 'dynamic.' That shit’s gonna age like a banana under a heat lamp." Like this scene from Taken 3 (2014):

    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    What other current tropes do you think will make a film looked dated? Let me know in the comments!