18 Screenshots From This Month Of Guys Being Shockingly Wrong About Women's Bodies

    When a NURSE is unfamiliar with what a period is, I think we really have a problem here.

    1. This guy who said women are “useless” after they have sex once:

    "Females are good for sex only one time; penis destroys her vagina and it's disgusting to do it again, especially after someone else has done it"—and they're "not an incel btw"

    2. This male nurse who told a patient who had her period that she was actually shitting herself:

    Woman in hospital asks male nurse for pad or "pull-up," and nurse tells her she defecated on herself and cleaned her without bringing her any period products

    3. This father who, after his daughter's tampon allegedly fell out in a pool, said people who menstruate can just...hold their blood in:

    Father says daughter should have told the family about her cycle and not gone in the pool, or held her blood in, and when someone asks if he's really that misinformed, he says "If you can hold pee in, why can't you hold blood in?"

    4. This armchair geneticist who said that the DNA in semen goes to a woman's brain:

    Person says "a high body count is bad" because "DNA in semen is absorbed by the vagina," and "some binds to cells in the brain and is with a woman for life; the more random deposits a woman gets, the crazier her mind becomes"

    5. This guy who thought of a really, really bad idea but definitely thought it was a really, really good idea:

    "Why the heck girls waste so much blood, I mean, u can donate it to the soldiers"; response: "the feminine urge to selfishly shed our uterine lining"

    6. This guy who makes me genuinely concerned for our future:

    Person asks why women "never have to take a DNA test to see if it's their child"

    7. This guy who really thought men bear the brunt of a pregnancy:

    Man says "Men do all the work, all the woman does is give birth," and someone says "Well, the woman has eggs, and without the egg, babies wouldn't happen," he says, "What's an egg?"

    8. This guy who clearly doesn't understand the process of growing a human being inside your body:

    Guy says "If pregnant women worked out and weren't lazy, they wouldn't get fat and you could get to 6-7 months pregnant without anyone being able to tell"

    9. This guy who thought there was only one reason to see a gyno:

    A male college student asks a friend why she needs a gynecologist if she's not pregnant

    10. This guy whose use of the word "apparently" really pissed me off — like, WHO told him this information?

    "Apparently female sex organs atrophy after three months not sexually active; maybe hormone levels/balance may be affected; I think enjoyment levels decline during sex with atrophy also; maybe nervous system and stress levels remain unregulated"

    11. This boyfriend who thought tampon = penis:

    Boyfriend a woman has a child with says wearing a tampon is like having sex and a tampon shouldn't be going up there, a vagina needs to stay tight, and tampons were like having a penis up there"

    12. This uncle who said a woman's genes change as soon as she says "I do":

    Uncle tells a final-year genetic engineering student that preferring a "boy child" is not sexist because "boys carry the most important genetic components of the family line" and "a girl's genetic code changes when she is married off to another family"

    13. This guy who seriously needs to just open a book or something:

    "SERIOUS question, ladies: How do y'all have postpartum depression from having a child you so so wanted to have and be a mother?"

    14. This guy who posted a picture of a woman riding a horse and then called it "disgusting":

    "This is a major part of why I believe women should not ride horses, bicycles, or motorbikes: It is weird and disgusting because women are sexually aroused and stimulated by these activities"

    15. This guy who — and I will NEVER get over this — referred to some vaginas as "little slit[s], as if it was smacked with a razor blade":

    "Some have that perfect little slit, as if it was smacked with a razor blade, and others have just a little bit more down there than normal; if you can't take a look at a kitty and tell if it's healthy or not, I suggest you get out more"

    16. This misinformed guy who saw a news story about helping kids and decided to chime in with a very concerning opinion:

    Headline: "New Zealand Is Making Period Products Free in All Schools"; response: "All this is going to do is encourage girls to have their periods at school"

    17. I'm honestly not even sure where to start with this, but just...no to all of it:

    Women perform alchemy for men: Men face the world, they absorb damage, women absorb it during sex and cleanse themselves of it during period, so sex & periods = man's emotional laundry, which is why women shouldn't sleep with 2 men during the same cycle

    18. And finally, this confused movie watcher who...you know what? At least he's trying to learn:

    "Why female genitalia in movies is always hairy?" "I noticed that actresses always have genitals covered by hair to the point you can't see them, especially in 1980s movies, was it all a censorship thing?"

    H/T: r/badwomensanatomy and r/NotHowGirlsWork.