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    14 Times I Was Too Busy Looking At A Horror Movie Character's Outfit To Be Scared

    Casey Becker's cream-colored sweater in Scream walked so Chris Evans's cream-colored sweater in Knives Out could run.

    Movies have given us some of the most beautiful and iconic fashion over the years.

    But I feel like the horror genre often gets overlooked when it comes to praising costume design in film, which sucks because horror has some pretty incredible fashion moments.

    So, here are 14 of my favorite outfits from horror movies:

    1. Casey Becker's "Getting Ready to Watch a Video" Sweater In Scream

    2. Helen Shivers's “Croaker Queen” Parade Dress in I Know What You Did Last Summer:

    3. Emerald's Coyote Jersey and Jean Shorts in Nope:

    4. Glen's "Why Would Anybody Want to Kill Me?" Top in A Nightmare on Elm Street:

    5. Kirby's "I Was Fucking Right" Blazer in Scream 4:

    6. Candyman's Fur Coat in Candyman:

    7. Kristen's Plaid Button-Up in The Strangers:

    8. Ma's Ombré Purple Cardigan in Ma:

    9. Jennifer Check's GAP Kids Velour Heart Hoodie in Jennifer's Body:

    10. Laurie's Strode's Final Girl Look in Halloween And Halloween Ends:

    11. Pam's Abstract Halter and Red Cut-Offs in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre:

    12. Judy's Self-Referential Shirt in Sleepaway Camp:

    13. Jesse's Metallic Two-Piece Set in Neon Demon:

    14. And finally, Elaine's Pink Tea Room Look in The Love Witch:

    What are your favorite looks from horror? LMK in the comments!

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