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    24 Times Men Saw A Woman Simply Living Her Life And Genuinely Thought It Was An Invitation To Hit On Her

    Like, read the room, my guy.

    I recently made a post sharing women's stories of getting hit on at the worst possible moment, and unsurprisingly, the comment section was FILLED with even more women sharing their own experiences and frustrations. Here are just some of their stories:

    1. "When I was SUPER pregnant (I think second or third trimester) — with all of the discomforts of carrying a not-so-small baby inside — some dude told me 'the next one better be mine.'"

    closeup of a pregnant line

    2. "I was on my way to take my GREs, and I stopped at a rest stop for coffee. This guy started to chat with me, and I politely said 'gotta go' and left. He followed me in his car for 20 miles. I was shocked when he appeared at the test center and still ignored my refusals. He finally split when I made it a point to write down his license plate number."


    3. "I told my ex that my father had passed away earlier that week, because he knew we'd had a complicated relationship. He said that sending him photos of my tits would make me feel better."

    woman on her phone

    4. "Not long after high school, I was at a viewing for a friend who died unexpectedly. A bunch of us went as a group and were standing near the casket, understandably upset. One of the guys decided that this was the perfect opportunity to tell me I looked 'fuckable' and ask me out. I was horrified."


    5. "When my mom was sick and had to stay at the hospital for weeks before she passed, I obviously visited a lot. The evening guy who took garbage and stuff would not get the hint that I was visiting my sick mom and had no desire to be hit on. He was also old enough to be my father. He kept hitting on me and trying to engage with me while I was in the room trying to talk to my mom. It’s not like she was unconscious or anything either. Every night, I had to deal with this dude. My mom asked the nurses if he could skip her room while I was there, but he intruded anyway. So super annoying. Never did get the hint."

    closeup of hands being held in the hospital bed

    6. "My senior year of college, I broke my nose. I was treated at the hospital associated with the large university I attended, which meant that most of my care was performed by an intern with oversight from an experienced doctor. My nose was pushed to one side when it was broken, and to fix it, the intern had to press his hand against my nose and push it back in place while something was also inside my nostril to assist. This was very, very painful. As I was leaving, the intern handed me a slip of paper with his phone number on it.

    I did not call."


    7. "I used to work at the food counter at Target many years ago. One dude came up and argued about the food prices for a good two minutes until I finally pulled out my phone and used an online coupon just to make him go away. I gave him his hot dog, and he said, 'Well, aren't you going to give me your number?' I showed him my ring and said, 'Sir, I'm married.' And he replied, Oh, I thought maybe you were only engaged.'"


    8. "A pizza delivery guy texted me after he gave me my order. My former friend blamed me, and said I was being 'too friendly.' But I was just happy because I got my pizza. I don't know someone who's sad when getting their pizza."


    9. "My parents got divorced when I was a teen. The mailman left a note hitting on my mom when it became obvious that my dad was no longer getting mail at our house."

    hands putting mail in the mailbox

    10. "I was on about the third or fourth date with a guy, and we met up with some friends of his at a restaurant. One of the 'friends' scooted his chair very close to me, while his girlfriend kinda awkwardly sat on the other side of the table. After a couple of minutes, the 'friend' put his hand on my thigh under the table. Well, I was holding hands with my boyfriend, so I took his hand and moved it to the same leg. After a moment, they met eyes and scowled at each other when they realized it wasn't my hand they were holding. Their friendship didn't survive."


    11. "Right at the beginning of a group project for school where I was the only girl, one of the other group members asked me out. He said, 'I figured you'd say yes if I asked now, so the rest of the project wouldn't be awkward.' I said 'no' and let the project be awkward. But it was even more awkward because the guy kept harassing me. My male teacher then told me that I was 'very rude" to my group members after I refused to work on the project at my house. I didn't want that guy to know where I lived, and I told the teacher as much. He assured me that he was 'a good kid' and I should 'give him a chance.' I spoke to my counselor and switched classes."

    two people sitting across from each other going over paperwork

    12. "I stayed in an Airbnb for a couple of days when I was apartment hunting in a new city. On the last day of my stay, I spilled some makeup on the bed. I ended up buying new sheets because I thought I was being a decent human being. But I guess the guy that owned the property thought that was an invitation to try out the new sheets or something and kept trying to video call me asking me to miss my train home to 'hang out' with him. I literally had to check with some women waiting on the platform with me if this was weird or if I had unknowingly led him on by buying bedsheets. They assured me that he was the weird one."


    13. "When my teenage son and his friend were victims of a crime, a detective showed up to get a statement from me. As soon as he found out I was a single mom, his whole demeanor changed. He started flirting, offered to check my window locks, and then asked me out for dinner. I declined.

    through the window, a pair of people sitting down to talk

    14. "I interviewed to join the army and thought everything had gone well. On my way home, I received a phone call from the corporal who had just interviewed me who told me that I had forgotten to fill out some paperwork and needed me to pop back over quickly. Turns out that 'paperwork' was just a way to get me back in the office to proposition me and offer me 'special' help with my training. I politely declined, but the dude did not quit. He used my details to find me on socials — all because I had made eye contact with him which he thought meant that I wanted him. Like, dude, you were literally interviewing me! I'm not gonna look at my shoes!"


    15. "I was walking my dog in a park near my house when my baby started to cry because she was hungry. Going home was going to make her upset, so I stopped and sat on a bench in a corner of the playground so I could breastfeed her away from people. In the middle of my baby’s feeding, a man approached me on one of those reduced mobility scooters and decided to ask about my dog. He clearly saw that I was trying to move away and cover myself, but he kept talking. My dog is very friendly but very protective of me and my baby. She started to bark really loudly, and it scared the guy away.

    woman breastfeeding outside

    16. "Once, as a teenager, one of my friends told me his parents were getting divorced and spun this whole messy story. I, being a very empathetic person, started crying and went to pray with him. When I closed my eyes to pray, he tried to kiss me.

    I said 'okay, prayer over bye.'"


    17. "My landlord gave the maintenance guy my number. We had exchanged a few texts professionally about my maintenance requests, and he had been in my home a few times. I rarely ever saw him and had only exchanged a few words with him. He texted me a few times with inappropriate stuff about getting drunk with him and thinking I was hot, but he always said they were accidental texts because he had someone else in his phone with my same name. One day, he texted me and said his 'heart would burst' if I had a boyfriend and then asked me out. But this time, he said it was definitely meant for me. It creeped me out because he had a key to my place and was often in my apartment when I wasn’t there. Since we saw each other so rarely, he only thought I was 'hot' because he’d seen pictures of me in my apartment. Very uncomfortable."

    man on a ladder fixing ceiling lights

    18. "I was at a bar with my boyfriend, and when he went to the bathroom, a guy approached me. When I told the guy that I was there with my boyfriend, he replied, “I could beat him up.” What the hell?!? Why would I want to hook up with a guy who randomly beats up my boyfriend? Dumb!"


    19. "I once had a guy hit on me in the meat section of the grocery store. He thought because I was only purchasing a turkey breast instead of a whole turkey that I must be single. I guess he didn't know that a fucking turkey breast is a perfect dinner for a MARRIED COUPLE. I was so freaked out that I never went to that store again."

    woman at the grocery store

    20. "I was on a first date with a woman at a bar when this group of guys sitting at the next table started talking to us. We were having fun until this one guy started hitting on me and asking for my number. I told him we were on a date and his response was, 'Oh, you’re lesbians? Great! I’ve always wanted a threesome. I’m sure you miss the d.'

    We just got up and walked out."


    21. "I had a septic tank guy hit on me while he was pumping poop out of the tank. Seriously?"


    22. "When I was in high school, I would occasionally go to a drive-thru breakfast place on my way to school. The guy working the drive-thru (who was definitely in his 20s) started hitting on me and asking where I lived and where I went to school (I told him a different neighborhood and school). One time after I ordered, I pulled up to the window and he said if he knew it was me he would have paid for my food, then he winked. After that, I actually hid in the backseat when I went with my mom. When she went by herself, he asked her how I was doing. So so creepy when you’re 16. Actually, it’s just creepy at any age."

    closeup of the side car mirror

    23. "I was at a police station early in the morning supporting my friend after things went wrong during a bad night of clubbing. One of the officers kept asking me more and more personal questions. I assumed, at first, they were to discuss the events of the night, but quickly realized they had no relevance. They became more about my relationship status than about what had happened to my friend. Eventually, after finding out where I lived and worked, he asked if he showed up in my area, if we could go out. I was shocked, scared, and vulnerable, so I just nodded my head."


    24. And finally, "I was in an Uber on the way to the Greyhound station. My Uber driver asked where I was going and why I was taking a trip. I explained to him that my son had died two days earlier. Although I'd been alright for most of the ride, I lost it at this point and started crying. He waited until I regained my composure just a little, told me I was cute AF, gave me his number, and told me to hit him up when I got back in town. As if!"

    view from the driver's seat

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    Has anything similar ever happened to you? Share your story in the comments.