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    17 Facebook Posts By People With Extreme "Entitled Boomer" Energy Who Clearly Have Waaay Too Much Time On Their Hands.

    These people need their computer privileges revoked ASAP.

    1. This person who thought sending a Snapchat and writing in cursive were mutually exclusive:

    No, I can't do Snapchat or TIktoc but I can write in cursive, do math without a calculator and tell time on a clock with hands

    2. This person who complained when clearly busy Aldi employees didn't drop what they were doing to check them out at another register:

    Very long message about how employees doing other things like shelving and cleaning the store didn't open another register for this person with four items who didn't want to wait for the one person with a full cart in front of them to finish checking out

    3. This person who only paid attention to half of the headline:

    A teen Olympian overslept and said the f-word on TV but won a gold medal; a comment, "Overslept — that sums up the work ethic of that generation"; and someone responds, "How many gold medals do you and your cat have? Go knit some cat mittens"

    4. This person who, I'm assuming, has asked for the manager before — like, a lot:

    Meme of Gus from Breaking Bad standing at Los Pollos Hermanos counter with caption "if u ask to speak to the manager and this guy walks out, just say thank u and leave," w/comment, "No, he is there to do his job, and that is to hear what I have to say"

    5. This person who couldn't wrap their head around the idea of putting cream and sugar into their own coffee:

    "Official septuagenarian" complained about Burger King employee not putting their 4 creams, 2 sugars into their large coffee 'cause it's "against the rules," so they left w/o buying anything and will go to Micky D's in the future

    6. This person who expected to cut the line at every store they went to:

    Person with 1 item complains about "3 young college girls at 3 different stores, Walmart, Super One and Hobby Lobby," in front of them with about 20 items, and not one would let them go in front of her
    The woman in front of the woman at Hobby Lobby responds, says they're 32 and not in college, they didn't know she had only one item, they weren't going to turn around and check her cart after she loudly complained, and they only had 9 items, not 20

    7. This person who was shocked that Aldi wasn't open...before their posted hours:

    Person tried going to Aldi's at 8am, it wasn't open, says "what a store"; response: "Maybe try back at 9, like the sign on the door says," and when person says "Most stores are open at 8," response: "Not places that say 9am on the door, though, right?"

    8. This person who was offended by the name of a construction company:

    "Dick's Diggers: Our Goal Is Your Hole" offends this person, who says they were "shocked by the language so crudely displayed," especially with a school nearby: "How many thousands of children are being exposed to such filth?"

    9. This person who felt so strongly about a children's toy being demonic, they needed to post about it:

    Person calls Pokémon cards from McDonald's demonic because "Energy" is  attached and the word is capitalized, "like it's deified," so they talked to their son about not letting anything "not of God into our homes and lives"

    10. This person who had a serious problem with "little Susie" and "little Johnny":

    Very long rant at Walmart for narrow self-checkout counters and "lazy, slouchy zombies," like "little Susie with purple hair & piercings" w/an attitude, and "little Johnny with his pants below his butt and can't complete a full sentence"

    11. This person who ordered from a Turkish restaurant and expected no spices in their food:

    "Inedible food" used to describe order of lamb and chicken over chips — "nowhere did it say anything about spicy" — because the meat was spicy; "zero stars would not recommend"
    Response: "It's a Turkish place, it would be a given that there would be spice on the food" and "I think their food is great; 10/10 would recommend!"

    12. This person who probably just shouldn't have posted this:

    Person gives a waitress $100 for a $47.30 order and gets only $53 back, and when they're told the waitstaff doesn't usually carry change, they say give them their money back and they'll pay with a credit card, w/response: "I'd redo your math"

    13. This person who felt the need to make a big deal about what side of the plate their host put the silverware on, as if it mattered at all:

    Person posts photo of silverware on the wrong side of a plate and says hostess was rude after they corrected her; response: she doesn't get paid enough to care, and educating her on fine dining in a place with paper place settings is a "real Karen move"

    14. This person who expected free flowers because they were injured:

    Person disappointed because they didn't get free flowers at Trader Joe's after guy saw that they were injured; they also didn't help them bag their stuff

    15. This person who called the cops on someone — for walking. And when they were rightly dismissed by dispatchers, they decided to post it on Facebook:

    Person complains about a "transient" walking right by a school and calls the sheriff, but dispatcher didn't know why he was out of place

    16. This person who saw a valet service that doesn't handle cars with manual transmissions, and somehow, in their galaxy brain, blamed it on Marvel:

    Valet sign saying "No stick shift vehicles," w/comment "This is what has become of the video game playing, Disney and Marvel watchers, as they have grown up" and can't function in the real world

    17. And finally, this person who got upset at a milk brand calling milk...milk:

    Person argues with Silk milk rep that "milk comes from mammaries and soybeans don't have them," and anyone who calls it milk when it isn't is a "farmer-hating bigot," and they'll lean on their senators from Wisconsin to "ban this kind of false labeling"

    H/T: r/FuckYouKaren.