21 Screenshots Of Entitled Tourists That Scream "I Deserve Special Treatment," "Rules Don't Apply To Me," Or "This Isn't How It Is Where I'm From"

    "I was sitting with my husband at a cafe yesterday and here comes a young couple with their dog. I had lost count of how many people I had seen with their dogs not just that day but the previous days of my vacation too. So I decided to speak out about it because it was bothering me...how many people were inconsiderate of others. I called out this couple...[they] ignored me...I called the manager."

    1. This tourist who thought learning about the "history of a southern plantation" wouldn't include anything about slavery:

    2. This tourist who decided to climb an off-limits Mayan pyramid:

    A screenshot shows a woman posing for the camera at the top of a pyramid while a worker climbs up the pyramid to stop her

    3. This American tourist who expected a grocery store in France to accept their American money:

    4. This tourist who couldn't understand this sign in English, French, or in pictures:

    A sign says there is priority seating for passengers with disabilities, including the visually impaired who need a dog to guide them, and a person posts asking why people with dogs get priority over people with kids

    5. This tourist who was ready to lecture a whole country about dog etiquette:

    A person on vacation says they were at a café and lots of people had dogs, so they complained to the dog owners and then the manager of the café
    The woman goes on to describe how the confrontation with the dog owners grew heated and she was asked to move tables, but she felt others lacked empathy for her viewpoint

    6. This tourist-to-be who ranked their vacation as waaay more important than anyone else's lives:

    A storm caused damage to a ride at an amusement park, and someone who will be visiting the park soon responds to a picture of the damage by asking "can you just repair that in fucking two weeks or do you need more money?"

    7. This tourist, also visiting Universal Orlando, who acted similarly but was somehow worse for demanding a Minion:

    A person says Universal needs to step up their entertainment and send Minion characters to a specific hotel

    8. And this one who thought you didn't need to tip your server during a hurricane AND who complained about being "trapped" in a luxury resort:

    Someone sarcastically thanks Universal for adding 18% gratuity to their bill while they can't leave during a hurricane and calls it "price gouging"

    9. This museum visitor who just had to get a pic of themselves on a car that is literally in a museum for a reason:

    A picture shows someone sitting on a classic car at a museum, and an employee says the person pictured did this on numerous cars and more than once

    10. These presumably hundreds of tourists in London who threw their headphones on top of a bus stop when they were done with their double-decker bus tour:

    11. This tourist who really gave a one-star review to Yellowstone for being closed and who doesn't even mention it was because of absolutely historic flooding:

    The review says "our dream road trip of a lifetime, months of planning, thousands of dollars invested, 3,000 miles of driving, arriving at Yellowstone to find it closed — priceless!"

    12. These former tourists who wanted to eat so badly at this restaurant that management had to make a sign telling future tourists not to harass the staff:

    The sign reads "how long does it take your party to eat? Our hostess doesn't know either! Please do not harass these young ladies, they are doing a service"

    13. This tourist who felt the need to bring THREE guns with them on vacation:

    A post on social media says "going on vacation with family isn't all that bad" and it's a picture of three guns placed next to each other on a hotel bedside table

    14. This beach tourist who tried to shove her sand-ridden clothes into a dryer at a person's laundromat business:

    15. This Christian tourist who complained about a public beach in Maui having people on it, and was also mad that the people were not "upper class":

    16. These tourists who clearly didn't know the meaning of "respect" or "trash can":

    A beach is completely covered in trash

    17. This person who moved to an entirely different country and then complained when the language, food, weather, and culture were different 🤔:

    A post on social media says they moved from the UK to France and are upset because it has rained, snowed, people don't speak English, and English food is more expensive

    18. This IG influencer and ignorant-of-other-cultures tourist who complained on social media about people selling fruit on the street in India:

    The post says "How is this not banned? Every day 20 dudes screaming in front of my Airbnb to sell their shit. I should buy all his pineapples and shove it up his ass"

    19. This tourist couple who thought Starbucks in other countries were like the US embassy:

    Someone from Europe tells the story of encountering American tourists at Starbucks who got angry when the barista asked for their order in their native language

    20. These rule-breaking tourists who got a little too close to those sea lions if you ask me:

    A sign says the area is closed and no access allowed during sea lion pupping season, but people can be seen behind the sign and very close to the sea lions

    21. And finally, this verrry entitled Disney tourist who thought she was the only person in the world affected by the ~global~ pandemic:

    When the pandemic caused Disney to cancel a woman's booking, she went off on the customer service rep and said a refund was not enough to make up for their hardship
    She demanded she be upgraded to the exclusive suit in Cinderella's castle, and when she was told no, she ranted at the customer service rep; afterward, her husband called her a "psycho bitch" and said he couldn't look at her the same way

    H/T: r/mildlyinfuriating and r/FuckYouKaren