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    The Zara Staples You Need This Spring

    It’s that time of year to transition your wardrobe over from knits to lightweights. If you’re anything like me, then you like to add a few new pieces into your wardrobe that are practical, chic and versatile. I've curated some of my personal favorites for the Spring to bring ease to your shopping experiences. Here are some of my current favorites found at Zara.

    Plain White Tee

    ZARA / Via

    We all struggle to find that perfect fitting white tee. Not this year. I found this tee at Zara and will be going back for more. I generally spend $40-$50 on that perfect fitting white tee but this one tops off at $9.90. You read that correct. Plus this tee is part of their Join Life: Working Towards Sustainability campaign. Stock up ladies!

    Halterneck Bodysuit

    ZARA / Via

    This bodysuit is perfection from the material down to the silhouette. It is comfortable and the perfect basic for layering with a cute blazer or satin skirt. This bodysuit will elevate your look effortlessly. Plus, it comes in multiple chic colors. Enough said.

    Plaid Blazer

    Zara / Via

    If you haven’t jumped on the oversized blazer look yet, Zara has you covered. They have multiple patterns and colors to choose from. My personal favorite is plaid as it goes well with neutrals. I like to keep it simple and classic so for those of you who feel the same, this is the blazer for you.

    Satin Midi-Skirt

    Zara / Via

    Satin skirts are such a feminine classic and at midi-length, you have me sold. Midi-length is everything, I bet most of us can agree on this. Mustard yellow should be in every single one of your wardrobes already this spring, so why not incorporate it with this stylish skirt.

    Vintage Slim Fit Jeans

    Zara / Via

    These. Fit. So. Good. I recommended you go snag yourself a pair of these to style with your favorite printed top. I plan to wear these with a dressier top and heels to incorporate balance into the look. I’m not generally a high-rise type of girl but these are amazing and come in two washes.

    Printed Dress

    Zara / Via

    You can’t escape prints this season. This polka dot dress is such a flattering silhouette featuring ruching at the trim and puffed sleeves. This dress is trendy but classic at the same time and could be worn for multiple occasions.

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