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This Guy Will Teach You How To Make Your Favorite TV And Movie Recipes

And he'll make you laugh while he does it. (RE: BUZZFEED FOOD APPLICATION)

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Thanks to Ross Gellar, you already know "The Moist Maker." Now meet the guy who'll teach you how to make it.

Introducing Oliver Babish, a filmmaker, wannabe chef and creator of Binging with Babish, a YouTube series that answers the question "What does food in film and television actually taste like?" Ever wonder if Ross' "Moist Maker" meltdown was actually worth it? Wonder no more.

Each episode begins with the movie or television scene the recipe comes from.

Babish then meticulously recreates each recipe, no matter how ridiculous the ingredients or time-consuming the process. It's no surprise that his recreation of Buddy's "breakfast" pasta from Elf was "the most disgusting thing ever," but his dedication to detail doesn't end with the less-appetizing recipes.

He's also taken on both of the Parks & Rec "burger-off" burgers

That's right, learn for yourself how to make both Chris Traeger's "East Meets West Patented Traeger Turkey Burger" and Ron's hamburger, made out of meat, on a bun with nothing — not that Ron's burger requires that much explanation. Spoiler alert: Ron still wins.

Not to mention, Babish has some real deal cooking chops, too.

You may not actually want to recreate Buddy's sugary food pyramid pasta, but you will learn how to make a damn good plate of spaghetti while laughing along to his hilarious commentary.

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