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Let’s put the “Thanks” back into Thanksgiving

When did holidays lose their meaning and magic and become so wrapped up around buying an insane amount of superficial things?

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As I’ve gotten older there are a lot of things I’ve learned or gained a different perspective on. One of those is the Holidays. As a little kid, holidays seemed so wonderfully magical, you could barely contain your excitement that day. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and especially Christmas, each had their own magical wonder. And it wasn’t just about the presents on Christmas. The combination of joy, decorating, holiday spirit, being with your family, and the magic of Santa Claus all made it such an incredible experience.

Now that I’m older, naturally holidays have lost a little bit of the intensity of magical wonder, but are still very special tome. However I’ve begun to notice something that not only agitates me it breaks my heart. It seems retail has completely taken over the holidays.

Halloween has become a huge commercialized holiday, but Christmas is another story. Our society has commercialized Christmas SO MUCH we almost skip over Thanksgiving. When you go to the store, any store, after Halloween-what do you see? Maybe a smidge of Thanksgiving related retail items, but Christmas items outweigh them by a landslide. I have even noticed Christmas items start to pop up shortly after Halloween decorations make their way out.

It’s not that I’m against decorating for Christmas; let’s clarify that I LOVE decorating for Christmas. However, the fact that commercials for Christmas present commericals come on pretty much the day after Halloween and our society goes into this insane buying frenzy for Christmas to the point where I think the magic is almost entirely taken from this once beautifully meaningful holiday and instead the focus is spending all your money on an ungodly amount of presents.

I wish we could all take a step back and remember what the holidays are really for. Especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanksgiving is a time of being grateful for what we have and for our families. It makes so sad that literally the very next day after Thanksgiving, a holiday in which we celebrate being grateful for what we have, we have an unofficial holiday where people mob each other over discounted TVs.

How did we come to this point? How has America become so commercialized we are blinded by greed the day after we have a holiday for being thankful? I would be so thankful to see one major retail company or brand make a commercial simply about being in the spirit of the holidays and sharing time with loved ones and not about a product. To me, that commercial would be worth so much more than just laying on another ad of some other thing to buy.

I guess you could say my grown up Christmas list is wishing people would take the time to focus their energies on what the holidays are really about instead of buying a bunch of things. Spend some time with your family and be thankful for what you have. I’m not saying I don’t agree with giving presents, but there is a line. That’s not the sole purpose holidays are about. They’re about spreading joy, being thankful, and spending time with those you love.

Take some time to make the holidays special. Don’t forget about Thanksgiving and dive right into Christmas. Find ways to be thankful and help others remember things they’re thankful for in their lives as well. Let’s put the “Thanks” back in Thanksgiving, and the magic back into Christmas.

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