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29 Things You Need To Know About Mercer

It's been 29 years since our last appearance at the Big Dance, so here's 29 things you need to know about our central Georgia university that's taking on Duke this weekend. Go Bears!

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27. But don't be fooled, our religious roots don't keep us from making a few jokes at our own expense.


"[Coach Hoffman is] a Baptist," President Underwood said. "And he's a good Baptist, which means he doesn't have a whole lot of experience dancing. But... later this week, Bob and these guys are going to show the world how to dance."

26. And we are MANIACS when it comes to supporting our school

Our opponents know to fear Hawkins Arena, our home court, thanks to the loyal sons and daughters who never fail to show up, paint up, and cheer for the Bears!

22. But you should see our football program too… The name Alex Avant ring any bells?


Alex Avant's interception return for touchdown during our game against Drake made ESPN's Top 10 last fall. After our football program's 70 year hiatus, Mercer's 10-2 season set a new record for the NCAA's all-time victories by a start-up program.

21. We played the UGA in the first college football game in the state of Georgia and one of the first in the Southeast.

The game, scheduled for Thanksgiving Day 1891, was postponed until January 1892. Georgia triumphed, 50-0.

19. Our student athletes aren't the only ones having fun. At Mercer everybody plays!

According to a recent study by The Princeton Review, Mercer Intramurals placed 13th in the nation for student participation in intramural sports.

18. Macon, GA has been home of the Mercer Bears for 143 years!

This Bears' den has certainly impacted our time as students! At the end of four years, senior Mercerians are sad to say goodbye to their Macon home.

17. Some students enjoy outdoor recreation.


"At times, the students were chest deep, walking in the swamp, trying to find a way out, they told the rescuers. The four students were unaware that the area was infested with snakes, wild hogs, alligators, insects and other wildlife."

16. As Mercerians, we take service in the local community seriously.

Mercer students have contributed over 10,000 hours of service through the LEAP (Local Engagement Against Poverty) initiative since 2010 by serving in the Macon area.

15. In fact, we serve through Mercer on Mission projects all around the world.

Our Mercer on Mission program to fit low-cost prosthetics on amputees in Vietnam was recognized nationally by the Clinton Global Initiative in 2009.

8. Being 181 years old has its advantages, like our great alumni network.

Our own Georgia Governor Nathan Deal is a double Bear. He graduated from the College of Liberal Arts in 1964 and then Mercer's School of Law, also in Macon.

7. Mercer student Phil Walden discovered Otis Redding in Macon

Walden hosted one of Redding's first shows at the Phi Delta Theta lodge in the sixties on Mercer's campus. He and his brother Alan Walden later helped launch the career of the Allman Brothers Band.

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