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The New Buy And Sell App - Video App

The communication on the Internet is evolving at an impressive rate gradually to technology advances. Five years ago, the smartphone market was still in its infancy, and today, nearly 80% of Internet connections are now via a Smartphone. With millions of smartphones sold worldwide over the past five years. The mobile phone market is being invaded by "smartphones." It does not take more to change the habits of Internet users.

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Thanks to mobile marketing, also known as m-commerce, the ease of online transactions has brought our smartphones closer and readily available as the best companion. Mobile applications allow you to buy the products of the most significant brands at a low price from your smartphone, where you want and when you want. Thanks to this easy-to-use and completely free app, you will not miss a sale!

Are you on vacation or weekends and do not have access to your computer? Are you already in the public transport at the opening of the sale which interests you? Thanks to the thousands and even millions of app, you can access the whole online store from wherever you are. From your smartphone or tablet, you can view all offers and participate in sales.

How to Take Advantage of the Mobile App?

How about a total break from the norm? Buy and sell using a video based app like AdYoYo! This video based app gives the users the complete exposure of their items and increases the chances of buying that item by up to 35%.

The buy and sell video app is available on your iOS and google play store. Thus, making it easier for users of iOS compatible devices and Android smartphone. To install the application, look for it in the application library of your smartphone, click on "Install" and enjoy it as soon as the download is complete.

Video is an excellent medium for informing and educating especially for sellers and buyers. It incorporates audio and visual elements that appeal to multiple senses. Proven to be effective when used for items demonstrations, as viewers can actually see the state of the item with no misinformation.

You can sell or buy items or services near the place where you are located geographically. The concept is simple: to sell something, say it and if you are looking for something, ask for it. The application then allows you to finalize the transaction by entering into direct contact with your interlocutor via integrated messaging.

Only by creating an account, most of the apps allow you to select your search criteria and tells you what is for sale or what is searched near your location. If something interests you, you can send a message to the potential buyer or the seller nearby via the application where you can also manage your ads in search or sale mode.

The Benefits of the AdYoYo Buy and Sell Video App

- You create a link with your audience - being directly present on your audience's smartphone is already a huge plus! Buy and selling is much faster and communication is secure.

- You simplify access to your content - It facilitates access to your product/services, you are confident that your buyers will consult them more often.

- You send notifications – Buy and Sell app can aid instant notifications on available products/services you’ve been waiting for.

- You can use all the possibilities of a smartphone - Having a mobile application is also an opportunity to exploit new tools, such as geolocation. The possibilities are endless, and the only limit is that of your imagination!

Happy buying and selling, at home or elsewhere!

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