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5 Reasons To Watch Glastonbury On The Sofa!

Thousands of music fans march through the muddy fields to watch some of the best musical acts in the world for five fabulous days, drinking warm cider, squelching through mud and constantly smelling the beautiful country (toilet ridden) air! Heaven!

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1. Pee Bombs!

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

When you're in a crowd of 100,000 people and you need a wee, you either pee in a bottle and throw it to the front, or grab a cup and announce to the crowd via a "W" symbol that you're about to go! lovely!

2. There's room to sit on your sofa, and tea, and a toilet!

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

135,000 tickets sold out in 1hr 40mins. The Pyramid stage holds 90,000 people, that leaves 45,000 people having to watch 'The Other Stage'.

That equates to 430 tents per hectare, though that's not very interesting.

3. Your house has a ceiling

Olivia Harris / Reuters

This means you wont get wet whilst sat on your sofa, going to the loo, making a drink and most importantly you'll be sat in front of your TV watching and listening to Glastonbury with a perfect HD view with crystal clear sound!

4. Tickets cost £205 plus a booking fee!

Max Rossi / Reuters

Festival goers at the first ever Glastonbury in 1970 enjoyed free entry and were even given a free pint of milk!

That equated to 1,500 pints of milk being give away, probably creating the crowd with the strongest bones T.Rex ever performed to.

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