15 Animals Dressed As Other Animals

What’s cuter than a cute animal? A cute animal dressed as another cute animal, of course!

1. 1. This Dog-Giraffe can’t wait for his first growth spurt.

2. 2. This Parrot-Bee is enjoying life as a queen.

3. 3. This Puppy-Pikachu is getting ready to catch ‘em all.

4. 4. This Cat-Snail is having a rough time getting motivated this morning.

5. 5. This Puppy-Cerberus is the best guard dog this side of Hades.

6. 6. This Duck-Dragon is getting ready to frolick in the autumn mist.

7. 7. This Puppy-Elephant meant what he said and said what he meant. A Puppy-Elephant is faithful one hundred percent.

8. 8. This Guinea Pig-Frog is contemplating the advantages of lilly pad living.

9. 9. This Dog-Squirrel has amassed quite an impressive stash of nuts.

10. 10. This Cat-Unicorn is tired from a long day of practicing magic in Equestria.

11. 11. This Puppy-Sheep is ready to bring you some sweet dreams.

12. 12. This Lizard-Bunny is setting an elaborate trap.

13. 13. This Puppy-Skunk believes whoever smelt it, dealt it.

14. 14. This Dog-Walrus is ready for her close-up.

15. 15. This Kitten-Cow is reevaluating her life choices.

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