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Paintball Warfare- New Viral Video Alert!

Cinematographer, Devin Super Tramp, takes Paintball to the extreme with his latest viral video.

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On Monday, May 28th, cinematographer DevinSuperTramp (also known as Devin Graham) released his most recent project, an epic 3 minute long paintball game of Capture the Flag.

The video will likely remind Community fans of the Seasons 2 and 3 episodes, "Modern Warfare" and "For a Few Paintballs More", which also featured massive paintball battles. All in all, 100,000 paint balls were fired during the video's production, which also featured a paraglider, a mounted turret, multiple jeeps and dirtbikes, and what seems like a paintball bazooka gun.

The video has accumulated 2.7 million views in the past two weeks alone. And although it may be scripted (there's a "Behind the Scenes" follow-up coming soon), real-life events such as The Paintball War meet every year to engage in a massive, 24 hour long, paintball battle.

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