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    10 Ways The Saudi Government Punishes People Who Defy The Ban On Women Driving

    With no public transportation, high cost of living, and the lack of affordable housing, it's no wonder Saudi families are finding it harder and harder to sustain their lifestyle. A staple of a Saudi household is the house driver as a means to circumvent the women driving ban. The house driver is usually a man brought in from Southwest Asia and employed to live in a little cement hut inside the house fence and drive the women of the household around. However a growing number of Saudis can barely afford to put a roof over their own heads, let alone a chauffeur's. Saudi women have had to give up on education, work and even healthcare because of the impracticality of the driving ban. The injustice of a gender-based ban on using your own property has led courageous individuals to acts of defiance. As an absolute monarchy, what's the government to do but quash these attempts in as many ways as they rise up.

    1. Public Reprimands

    2. Threatening Phone Calls

    3. Police Detainment

    4. Fines

    5. Impounding Cars

    6. Job Suspensions

    7. Travel Bans

    8. Job Terminations

    9. Lashings

    10. Prison