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11 Reasons Why Mondays Aren't The Spawn Of Satan

If Mondays are so trash, explain the existence of Moe Monday.

1. You're not playing catch-up.

2. Nothing has sucked yet.

3. Making small talk is easy.

4. You have a built-in excuse for not bringing your A game.

5. It's totally an excuse to treat yourself.

6. Bars are less crowded.

7. Gyms are way more crowded so you have an excuse to go to a bar.

8. It's the longest amount of time before you have to suffer through the "Sunday Scaries" again.

9. You can talk about whatever show you binge-watched over the weekend with actual people.

10. Your bed has some time to rest.

11. No matter what goes down during the day, it's nothing a nice burrito can't fix.

And, of course, there's Moe Monday! The biggest, most delicious reason why Mondays are actually awesome.