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The 17 Most Epic Pieces Of Presidential Fan Art Ever

Jason Heuser, aka Sharpwriter, is an artist and a true patriot.

1. "George Washington: The Original Master Chief"

2. "Washington vs. Tiger"

3. "George Washington: Zombie Hunter"

4. "Thomas Jefferson Battling a Gorilla"

5. "Andrew Jackson: Alien Slayer"

6. "Abe Lincoln Riding a Grizzly"

7. "Abe Lincoln Reloaded"

8. "Teddy Roosevelt vs. Bigfoot"

9. "FDR: Battle for America"

10. "John F. Kennedy Alien Hunter"

11. "Richard Nixon Fighting a Sabertooth Tiger"

12. "Ronald Reagan Riding a Velociraptor"

13. "Bill Clinton 3D"

14. "Obama Riding a Lion"

15. "The New & Improved Presidential Seal"

16. NON-PRESIDENT BONUS No. 1: "Paul Revere the Midnight Rider"

17. NON-PRESIDENT BONUS No. 2: "Ben Franklin vs. Zeus"

You can buy Heuser's presidential epicness on Etsy.