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    27 Pointless Projects To Do When You're Bored At Work

    Waste time... productively!

    1. Make one of these cool hand patterns.

    2. Make a beautiful tree sculpture out of paper clamps.

    3. Or a giant scorpion.

    4. Build an X-Wing Starfighter.

    5. Make a spit wad hand cannon.

    6. Make Legend of Zelda fan art in Excel.

    7. Produce a crime drama starring paper clips.

    8. Create one of these gravity-defying contraptions.

    9. Build a triceratops out of aluminum foil.

    10. Make an origami swan out of an apple.

    11. Make a flawless black-and-white recreation of The Starry Night, no big deal.

    12. Mess with some "caution" signs.

    13. Make an Abe Lincoln doll out of money.

    14. Recreate scenes from Back to the Future.

    15. Give your office bathroom a Game of Thrones theme.

    16. Hire a new employee.

    17. Rediscover the joys of MS Paint.

    18. Make an office banjo.

    19. Soup up your Facebook cover.

    20. Carry out this delightful prank.

    21. Make a bow and arrow out of these office supplies.

    22. Make a Tyrannosaurus Rex out of pens and clamps.

    23. Build a miniature Starship Enterprise.

    24. Make a giant Nyan cat mural out of colored paper.

    25. Make yourself a pipe out of magnets.

    26. Cover a coworker's car with Post-it notes.

    27. And for those with WAY too much time... round up all your office supplies and BUILD A TANK.