28 Joyful Memories To Warm A Philly Sports Fan’s Cold, Bitter Heart

It’s been a rough year. Let’s remember the good stuff.

1. This man’s beautiful, beautiful voice.

2. When Allen Iverson made Michael Jordan look silly.

3. This man’s beautiful hair.

Drew Hallowell / Getty Images

You know you want to run your fingers through it.

4. When Keith Primeau scored this goal to beat the Pens and end the longest NHL playoff game in the modern era.

5. Citizens Bank Park’s finest selection on the menu, the Schmitter.

A perfect marriage of steak, salami, onions, tomatoes, cheese, and “special sauce.”

6. When Donovan McNabb trolled the Giants by using their sideline phone.

7. Whenever the Phillie Phanatic teams up with Green Man.

8. This amazing resemblance.

Miss you, Andy!

9. And also this one.

Andy Lyons / Getty Images


10. When Villanova trampled all over Georgetown’s title dreams.

11. This Wing Bowl legend.

William Thomas Cain / Getty Images

12. This man’s warm baritone coming out of your radio.

Comcast / Via csnphilly.com

14. That scene in Silver Linings Playbook where Jennifer Lawrence recites winning Philadelphia sports scores.

The Weinstein Company / Via digitalspy.com

15. Anything Brian Dawkins has ever done.

16. That time Chris Farley looked EXACTLY like John Kruk.

Al Bello / Getty Images


17. That brief but glorious time we had Dikembe Mutombo.

18. This Conan skit that aired while the Mets were choking away the 2007 NL East lead.

NBC / Via youtube.com

19. The fabled 2000 “Pickle Juice Game,” in which the Eagles beat down the Cowboys 41-14.

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images


20. This scrumptious Tastykake display.

21. This Temple fan who sacrificed his body for the team.

Photograph by Joseph V. Labolito, courtesy of Andrew J. Carl

22. This beautiful piece of art.

23. When DeSean Jackson ate the soul of every Giants fan.

Fox / Via youtube.com

24. This young fan who’s numbing the pain of a tough loss.

25. Shawn Bradley being absurdly tall.

Jonathan Daniel / Getty

26. The day they destroyed this monstrosity.

27. The fact that this man, who terrorized us for decades, is finally retired.

Patrick Smith / Getty

28. And, of course, this doctored photo of Rocky holding a cheesesteak.

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