How The Animal Revolution Will Go Down

Consider yourself warned.

1. For centuries, we’ve kept them in chains.

2. They smile on the outside, pretending to be our friends.

3. But deep down, they’ve been plotting revenge.

4. And watching our every move.

5. A leader will be chosen. She will be charismatic, intelligent, and brave.

6. She will help species put aside their differences to fight against a common enemy — the humans.

7. Then, they will DECLARE WAR!

10. …and, of course, by land.

11. They will attack us with our own weapons.

12. Their fighting skills will be vastly superior.

13. Even man’s best friend will turn against him.

14. Their best scientists will work around the clock…

15. …creating a deadly army of mechanized super soldiers.

16. Others will simply improvise.

17. They will hack into our most advanced machines, turning them against us.

18. They will steal all our money, causing banks to crash and society to crumble.

19. They will fight valiantly, leaving no soldier behind.

20. Not even our children will be spared.

21. We will be defeated and have no choice but to serve them.

22. And worst of all, after all that carnage, they will TAKE OUR JOBS.

23. So next time you’re hanging with your animal buds, thinking that everything’s cool…BEWARE!

24. Even the cutest, teeny tiniest ones could be plotting to enslave you and everyone you love.

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