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    21 Emmy-Worthy Performances By Food In A Television Series

    Behind every great acting performance is a piece of food that is also acting.

    1. The extra large pizza from Breaking Bad

    AMC / Via

    Seen in: Season 3, "Caballo Sin Nombre."

    Pizza's most memorable quote: [gets tossed on roof of White home]

    2. The tampon sandwich from Orange is the New Black

    Seen in: The series premiere, "I Wasn't Ready."

    Sandwich's most memorable quote: [teaches Piper a valuable lesson about prison etiquette]

    3. Liz Lemon's night cheese from 30 Rock

    NBC / Via

    Seen in: Season 3, "The Ones."

    Cheee's most memorable quote: [comforts Liz as she snacks alone under a Snuggie]

    4. Mrs. Patmore's salty raspberry meringue pudding from Downton Abbey

    BBC / Via

    Seen in: Season 1, "Episode Seven."

    Pudding's most memorable quote: [reveals that Mrs. Patmore has been suffering from vision problems]

    5. Betty's stolen ice cream sundae from Mad Men

    AMC / Via

    Seen in: Season 5, "Tea Leaves."

    Sundae's most memorable quote: [underscores Betty's transformation into "Fat Betty"]

    6. Wee-Bey's pit sandwich and potato salad from The Wire

    HBO / Via

    Seen in: Season 1 finale, "Sentencing."

    Sandwich's most memorable quote: [convinces Wee-Bey to falsely confess to murders he didn't commit in order to protect his boss]

    7. The slice of pizza from Louie

    FX / Via

    Seen in: The opening credits.

    Slice's most memorable quote: [symbolizes Louie's attempts to enjoy the simpler pleasures in an otherwise difficult existence]

    8. Ramsay's pork sausage from Game of Thrones

    HBO / Via

    Seen in: Season 3 finale, "Mhysa."

    Sausage's most memorable quote: [cruelly resembles Theon's amputated penis]

    9. The fish fingers and custard from Doctor Who

    BBC / Via

    Seen in: Series 5, "The Eleventh Hour."

    Fish fingers' most memorable quote: [help the new Doctor adjust to his latest incarnation]

    10. The fried chicken from Justified

    FX / Via

    Seen in: Season 1, "Blowback."

    Chicken's most memorable quote: [helps Raylan convince an armed criminal to surrender his hostages]

    11. The Cheese Man's cheese from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Warner Brothers / Via

    Seen in: Season 4, "Restless."

    Cheese's most memorable quote: [totally baffles Buffy fans]

    12. The Ron Swanson "Turkey Burger" from Parks and Recreation

    NBC / Via

    Seen in: Ron Swanson referenced this mythical turkey burger (which consists of a fried turkey leg inserted into a cooked hamburger) in the episode "Soulmates," but the burger wasn't shown on screen until Nick Offerman made this Jimmy Fallon appearance.

    Burger's most memorable quote: [stuffs fried turkey leg into oversize hamburger]

    13. Freddy's BBQ from House of Cards

    Media Rights Capital / Via

    Seen in: Several episodes.

    BBQ's most memorable quote: [looks delicious, helps Frank unwind]

    14. The black-and-white cookie from Seinfeld

    NBC / Via

    Seen in: "The Dinner Party"

    Cookie's most memorable quote: [helps Jerry better understand race relations]

    15. The strawberry pie in Pushing Daisies

    ABC / Via

    Seen in: Season 1, "Girth."

    Strawberry's most memorable quote: [reveals to Ned that Chuck has been secretly baking pies for her aunts, who think she's dead]

    16. Gloria Trillo's steak from The Sopranos

    HBO / Via

    Seen in: Season 3, "Pine Barrens."

    Steak's most memorable quote: [gets thrown at Tony Soprano]

    17. Hannah's bath time cupcake from Girls

    HBO / Via

    Seen in: Series premiere, "Pilot."

    Cupcake's most memorable quote: [gets eaten while Hannah bathes]

    18. Agent Dale Cooper's coffee and pastries from Twin Peaks

    ABC / Via

    Seen in: Several episodes.

    Pie and coffee's most memorable quote: [impress Agent Cooper to the point that he must compliment them incessantly]

    19. Every pie from Supernatural

    Warner Brothers / Via

    Seen in: Multiple episodes.

    Pie's most memorable quote: [is basically all Dean ever wants to eat]

    20. George Sr.'s ice cream sandwiches from Arrested Development

    Fox / Via

    Seen in: Several episodes, most notably "Top Banana."

    Sandwich's most memorable quote: [distracts George Sr., is favorite treat of Orange County inmates]

    21. Any live flesh from The Walking Dead

    AMC / Via

    Seen in: Every episode.

    Flesh's most memorable quote: [screaming]