14 Great Songs That Should’ve Been Hits In 2013 Lead The Daily Links

Plus 33 of the most awkward Christmas cards ever, 8 Kickstarter art projects you need to fund now, and the mathematical reason we can survive the zombie apocalypse.

They’ll always be awesome to you: These 14 amazing songs should’ve been huge hits in 2013, but somehow weren’t. - [Fuse]

A Garbage Pail Kids documentary, a film about Roger Ebert, extreme cross-stitching sets: These are a few of the coolest Kickstarter art projects you could fund. - [USA Today]

It’s that time of the year when you’re scared to open your mailbox: Here are 33 incredibly awkward Christmas cards people actually sent. - [Guyism]


News flash: People can see what you tweet, so don’t let your Twitter feed get you fired like these 16 people. - [mental_floss]

On this day in 1776, the first frat was founded. Let’s celebrate with 76 frat-tastic pics. - [COED]

Want to calm your baby down? Just shove this crazy new iPad in their face and they’ll be occupied for hours! - [BetaBeat]


Don’t go gathering your post-apocalypse posse yet: One mathematician speculates that zombies couldn’t actually kill us all. - [Motherboard]

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