50 Of The Best Knockoff Brands Ever Lead The Daily Links

Plus the story behind Ron Burgundy’s comeback, 20 totally neutral opinions to avoid a Thanksgiving argument, and the horrors of SantaCon captured on video.

We are all in a glass case of emotion! Ron Burgundy is back, and the story of his return after ten years is amazing. - [The New York Times]

Face it, you’re probably going to be stuck at an airport this week. Make the most of it with these 10 amazing books you’ll find at any airport bookstore. - [Flavorwire]

Doritos is once again inviting fans to submit their own commercial to be aired during the Super Bowl: This incredibly weird “finger clearner” ad is an early favorite. - [BroBible]

Spend less time arguing and more time enjoying your Thanksgiving meal: Here are 20 totally neutral opinions to ensure peace at the dinner table. - [College Humor]


Having trouble getting stuff done today? These five tips will help you salvage a potential wasted day and win at life. - [Fast Company]

When a burglar broke into this woman’s home, she did what any of us would do: She chatted with him at the kitchen table until the police arrived. - [Daily Mail]

You’d think all those extra Santas at SantaCon could only mean joy and good cheer. These six disastrous videos will make you think otherwise. - [Gothamist]

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