A Guide To Ja’mie King’s Ja’miezing Vocabulary Leads The Daily Links

Plus revisiting Adam Sandler’s “Thanksgiving Song,” an intriguing study on Facebook statuses, and how stuff went viral in the 1800s.


“Bogan,” “povo,” “ILY”: Now that Ja’mie King has her own HBO show, it’s time to learn what she’s actually saying. - [Vulture]

There are some things you may not be thankful for, like tofurkey, canned cranberry sauce, and these other horrors you may find on your Thanksgiving table. - [USA Today]

Here’s something worth “liking”: A new study shows that increased Facebook posting leads to happiness. - [Discover]

Memes are nothing new: Here’s how ideas went “viral” back when we didn’t even have electricity. - [Motherboard]

In an eerie set of coincidences, a bar owner was featured on Spike TV’s Bar Rescue the same night he murdered a famous country music star. - [BroBible]

Don’t let those selfies go to waste on your phone: There’s a new startup that will print your Instagram pics onto…marshmallows. - [BetaBeat]


Adam Sandler’s “Thanksgiving Song” turns 20 this year, which means you may need help understanding all its dated pop culture references. - [The Week]

It seemed like the perfect crime, but alas, a man who dealt barbecue-scented heroine was finally caught at his barbecue restaurant. - [Grub Street]

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