10 Of America’s Best Public Restrooms Lead The Daily Links

Plus 16 of the best selfie fails ever, Rob Ford’s fashion highlights, and six filthy jokes that came from the Bible.

Today is World Toilet Day! In honor of this sacred holiday, here’s a look at the finalists from this year’s “America’s Best Restroom Contest.” - [USA Today]

This is the company that invented supersizing?! McDonald’s has been advising its underpaid employees to avoid hunger by “breaking food into little pieces.” - [Grub Street]

Francis Wallace / Getty

In the midst of the recent Rob Ford train wreck, it’s important to remember one thing: his incredible fashion sense. - [Vanity Fair]

Feel free to throw out those classic records, ladies. These 10 classic rock songs are basically the most epic forms of mansplaining ever. - [Flavorwire]

If a tweet falls in the middle of the forest, does it make a sound? According to this megaphone that automatically plays lonely, depressed tweets about loneliness…YES. - [Motherboard]

Like it or not, “selfie” is the Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year, though no thanks to these 16 insane selfie fails. - [CollegeCandy]

For 26 years, Reading Rainbow host LeVar Burton has made reading awesome. Check out his latest plans for the show in this fascinating Q&A. - [mental_floss]

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