18 Amazing Pieces Of Lady Gaga Fan Art Lead The Daily Links

Plus 5 of the most ridiculous newspaper corrections ever, a college class on worshipping Bruce Springsteen, and 18 star-crossed TV and movie couples that really should’ve worked out.

Even your nails can be patriotic on Veteran’s Day, as demonstrated by these 15 chic designs. - [College Candy]

On one hand, acknowledging a mistake is noble. Then again, these 5 newspaper corrections are so ridiculous the editors probably should’ve just kept quiet. - [Cracked]

Even in TV shows and movies, love can be cruel. Here are 18 fictional couples who should’ve ended up together. - [The A.V. Club]

A panel of cola snobs did a blind taste test of nine classic colas: The results will surprise you. - [Thrillist]

Once Washington’s professional football team gets its act together, here are 11 defunct (and amazing!) nicknames that it can use. - [mental_floss]

Well, this is about the most New Jersey thing ever: Rutgers is now offering a religion class on worshipping Bruce Springsteen. - [Death and Taxes]

For some reason, National Sundae Day happens in chilly November. Fortunately, these boozey sundae options should help you get too buzzed to notice the cold. - [COED Magazine]

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