25 Awkward Celeb Photos Lead The Daily Links

Plus the most epic mustaches ever, a tribute to Edna Krabappel, and 50 of the most challenging novels ever.

Celebrities may seem to possess superhuman beauty and grace, but like the rest of us, they can’t avoid the occasional awkward photo. - [College Candy]

What’s the secret to Usain Bolt’s Olympic success? Apparently, lots and lots of chicken McNuggets. - [Newser]

Greg Anderson

Oh, you’re going to grow a mustache for November? How cute…these REAL men refuse to shave ALL YEAR LONG. - [The Week]

Comedy Central

Lost that “hop” in your love life? Travel to China, where Viagra is made from kangaroo testicles. - [BroBible]

A dog’s life may seem easy enough already, but just in case, here are 8 totally mind-blowing life hacks (if you’re a dog). - [College Humor]

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