People Acting Out Famous Disney Kisses In Real Life Leads The Daily Links

Plus kids in the most adorable Breaking Bad costumes, a baby delivered by a McDonald’s staff, and 10 urban legends about movies explained.


Who says real life can’t be like the movies? These people reenacted some of the most adorable kisses from Disney films, and it’s amazing. - [Thought Catalog]

Did a “munchkin” really commit suicide during the filming of The Wizard of Oz? Check out the truth behind 10 of the most famous movie urban legends ever. - [mental_floss]

These books may already be considered classics, but it wouldn’t hurt to make their titles a little more clickable. - [College Humor]

Want to know how NOT to get a job on Wall Street? Let this bro show you! - [BroBible]

Bacon is truly an amazing thing. A recent study shows that not only is it delicious, but it MAY ALSO be a male contraceptive. - [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]

Superman turns 75 this month. As this tribute video shows, he’s always remained, well, SUPER throughout the years. - [Entertainment Weekly]

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