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    10 Times Seth Meyers Cracked Up At His Own Jokes Lead The Daily Links

    Plus the 18 worst Super Bowl fails ever, the 12 highest-rated comedies streaming on Netflix, and 27 spelling errors people keep making on Twitter.

    When you're good, you're good, like these 10 times Seth Meyers cracked up at his own jokes. - [mental_floss]

    Prepare to queue these films immediately: Here are the 12 highest-rated comedies streaming on Netflix. - [Uproxx]

    Now THIS deserves a like: Check out what Facebook engagement announcements would look like if they were totally honest. - [College Humor]

    A winner will be crowned this Sunday, but sadly, there will also be a loser: These are the 18 biggest Super Bowl fails ever. - [Ranker]

    Photos from the next season of Game of Thrones have leaked, but what do they mean? Here are some educated guesses. - [The Week]

    This is either a dream job or a total nightmare: This woman makes $9,000 a month letting people watch her eat. - [YourTango]

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