10 Ways To Kick Your Shoe Addiction Lead The Daily Links

Plus 16 recruitment secrets from an actual sorority, drones that deliver beer, and ZOMBIE BEES.

The first step is admitting you have a problem: Here are 10 ways to kick your shoe addiction. - [HelloGiggles]

For those of you who remember when CD’s were sold at actual stores: These 25 albums are found at the bottom of every used CD bin ever. - [Vice]

ZOMBIE. BEES. They’re two of the worst things ever COMBINED, they’re real, and they’re invading the Northeast. - [Newser]

Yeah, you shouldn’t judge a movie by the sneak preview, but why do so many classic movies have awful trailers? - [The Atlantic]

Technology should always be used for good. Case in point, drones may soon deliver beer. - [Esquire]

Some actresses are EXTREMELY into their craft. For example, Jennifer Lawrence damaged one of her American Hustle dresses with Doritos dust. - [Vanity Fair]

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