16 Common Surnames With Awesome Secret Meanings

A rose by any other name would be booooring.

3. Ortiz — “Fortunate, lucky,” from the Latin name “Fortunio”

4. Martin — derived from Mars, god of fertility and war

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5. Singh — Sanskrit for “lion”

Ezra Shaw / Getty

6. Lewis — from Old German for “Famous Warrior”

7. García — from Basque adjective meaning “young”

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9. Murphy — Anglicized form of Irish for “Sea warrior”

Getty / Mark Metcalfe

10. Kim — from the Chinese character for “gold”

11. Stark — German for “strong”

12. Kelly — Irish for “Descended from Strife”


14. Campbell — from Scottish Gaelic for “Crooked mouth”

Universal / Via screencrush.com

15. Williams — From Old German “Wilhelm,” “Desire Helmet”

Getty / Michael Dodge

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