Can You Spot The Fake Grunge Song?

“What’s real and what’s for sale?” (Caution: NSFW-ish language)

    1. “Shitlist”
    2. “Sex Type Thing”
    3. “Doll Parts”
    4. “President Garbage”
    1. “Ocean of Confusion”
    2. “Pig Justice”
    3. “Mudride”
    4. “Call Me a Dog”
    1. “Satan’s Bed”
    2. “Moist Vagina”
    3. “Denim Condom”
    4. “Nipple Belt”
    1. “Gunt”
    2. “Dead Wipe”
    3. “Bleed the Freak”
    4. “Porkfist”
    1. “Stardog Champion”
    2. “Nietzsche with a Pizza”
    3. “Suck My Left One”
    4. “Pills for Christ”
    1. “Rehab Cake”
    2. “3-D Witch Hunt”
    3. “Face Pollution”
    4. “Eddie Vedder”
    1. “Silvergun Superman”
    2. “Plump”
    3. “Dr. Bucket”
    4. “Hog Leg”
    1. “Down in a Hole”
    2. “Flat Out Fucked”
    3. “Testosterone”
    4. “Butt Stubble”
    1. “Pop Song For Us Rejects”
    2. “Cindy Crawford’s Mole”
    3. “I Hate Myself and Want to Die”
    4. “Swamp Pussy”
    1. “Slaves & Bulldozers”
    2. “Too Sick to Shit”
    3. “Bonedriven”
    4. “Wargasm”

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