The All-Time Greatest Beer Pong House Rules

Without rules, the game would be drunken chaos. Put some of your favorite in the comments!

1. The Troll Rule

If your team loses and you fail to hit a single cup, you must sit under the table for the rest of the next game and act like a troll (i.e. make troll noises, grab players’ legs, etc.).

2. Double Air Ball Kiss

If you and your teammate both air ball on the same turn, you must kiss.

3. Freshman Cup

If the first cup you hit in the game is the center cup, you must pull down your pants and keep them down until you hit your next cup. Alternate versions of this rule require you to play from your knees instead.

4. The NBA Jam Rule

After hitting two consecutive shots, announce that you’re “heating up.” If you hit a third consecutive shot, you are now “on fire” and may continue shooting until you miss.

5. Sniper Rule

If you sink a shot into a beer that someone is still nursing from a previous turn, the game is automatically over.

6. The Circle of Death

7. The Randy Johnson Rule

Getty / Elsa

When only one of your opponents’ cups is left, you can whip the ball directly at it and knock it on the floor for the win. This is also known as the Jonathan Papelbon rule.

8. Explosion

If you and your teammate sink a ball in the same cup, that cup and any cups touching it are removed, and your team gets another turn. Some house rules consider this an automatic win.

9. Island Rule

If a cup is not physically touching any other cups, you may call “island.” If you hit a shot in that cup, it counts double. NOTE: If you call “island” and make a non-island cup, it doesn’t count.

10. Bermuda Triangle

If you get your opponent down to three cups but none of them are touching, you may not request a re-rack until you hit one.

11. Moneyball

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You and your partner play with a white ball and a yellow one, the “moneyball.” Any shot hit with the moneyball earns you another turn. Teammates can switch who throws the moneyball after each turn.

12. Headhunter Rule

If your opponent throws an air ball and you catch it before it hits the ground, you can then try to hit the person who threw it in the head. If you’re successful, it counts for one cup.

13. The Dirk Nowitzki Rule

Getty / Ronald Martinez

If you yell “Dirk!” before hitting a fadeaway shot, it counts double.

14. Leave Empty Cups on the Table

After a player finishes drinking a cup, they place it back on the table. If a shooter sinks a shot in an empty cup, they must remove one of their own cups.

15. Triforce Rule

Whenever this happens, drink all three cups touching the ball. (NOTE: Official beer pong rules refer to this this a “miracle,” but count it as a missed shot.)

16. The Slam Dunk

This jerk move is exactly what it sounds like: You jump across the table and dunk the ball into one of your opponent’s cups. It’s unclear if the dunking team automatically wins or loses, but they’re clearly very awesome (and probably cleaning up the mess).

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