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An Appreciation For The Finer Vocal Stylings Of Eddie Vedder

Some people are wine snobs or film snobs. I am an Eddie Vedder snob. Allow me to show you my collection:

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'92 "Even Flow"

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A classic from the Pacific Northwest. Soaring, hirsute, incoherent, chewy. This offering abounds with a milky finish.

'93 "Animal"

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Zesty, nuanced, rapscallious, meat. Actual ear penetration achieved. Avoid pairing with noble gases.

'94 "Bugs"

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A moment of fruity levity, the maned beast smiles. Holy shit, an accordion? You want to laugh but somehow your mouth has been sewn shut. A maple syrupy aftertaste.

'98 "Do the Evolution"

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Woozy, acetic, frightened, but perhaps...looking for a friend? Listen for undertones of flannel, lumber. Pair with hamburger or the bench press.

'92 "Yellow Ledbetter"

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Delicious, charming, full-bodied, stonewashed. A throat coated in denim and pine tar. What’s he saying? A “box or a bag”? Who cares? Nothing matters anymore.

'94 "Satan's Bed"

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Oh my...

'96 "Lukin"

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Unoxidized, toasty, lawless, flibbertigibbet--is that even a word? Shhhh, just lean back and let your ears melt off. Best served with a bladder of wine ripped from the box and wrapped around your face.