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26 Acclaimed Writers Who Also Wrote Children's Books

Literary genius for all ages.

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3. George Saunders

Saunders, whose "adult" fiction explores politics, consumer society and dystopian themes, published this novella in 2000. Like many of Saunders's short stories, Frip is concerned with fear and how it affects community.


11. Oscar Wilde

The titular story, along with "The Nightengale and the Rose" and "The Selfish Giant," have been adapted to many forms, including a 1969 rock opera by The La De Das, a New Zealand rock group.


16. Carl Hiaasen

The king of Florida crime fiction published this young adult novel in 2002. Like many of his "adult" works, Hoot features a environmentalist protagonist, middle schooler Roy, and his attempts to save a colony of owls.


20. William Faulkner

This morality tale was posthumously published in 1967. In typical Faulkner fashion, the prose is very ornate, even when intended for children. Here's the opening sentence: "She was still asleep, but she could feel herself rising out of sleep, just like a balloon: it was like she was a goldfish in a round bowl of sleep, rising and rising through the warm waters of sleep to the top."

21. Carl Sandburg

These whimsical stories, featuring character names like "Gimme the Ax" and "Potato Face Blind Man," is a perfect bridge from Lewis Carroll to the later stylings of Dr. Seuss.

22. Peter Mattheissen

The environmental activist and Paris Review co-founder published this story in 1972. It tells of the surprising discovery of a Great Auk, thought to have been extinct for more than a century.

26. Andy Warhol

Though he's not the author, Warhol provided illustrations for this 1959 book while working as a freelance artist for Doubleday. Warhol would later disavow all commercial art in his attempts to be taken seriously as an artist.

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