20 Fun Facts About “The Walking Dead” Leads The Daily Links

Plus 8 dessert versions of famous art, finding Waldo in real life, and a fridge of beer that only opens for Canadians.

AMC / Via uproxx.com

A new Walking Dead season is ready to take a bite out of us all. Before you watch, check out these 20 amazing easter eggs, facts, and pop culture references hidden in the series. - [Uproxx]

Sara Anne Ward / Via wired.com

You don’t need an art degree to appreciate these works. Anyone can enjoy these 8 dessert versions of the world’s most famous art. - [Wired]

You found Waldo in the books, sure. But can you find him in these real life pictures? - [Vanity Fair]

This fridge in the middle of the street is stocked with delicious beer. The catch? Only Canadians are able to open it. - [Mental Floss]

Want those amazing Grand Theft Auto V beauty secrets? Check out these simple makeup tips and you’ll look like a sexy criminal in no time. - [xoVain]

“Gravity” has been taking movie audiences on a wild ride. FInd out how the film’s stomach-turning effects were created in the studio. - [Popular Mechanics]

Never, EVER get between a man and his horse. Watch what happens when a Danish man goes on a mission to find his stolen 9-foot-tall My Little Pony. - [Death and Taxes]

Splash News / Via thesuperficial.com

We didn’t ask for this, but we’re getting it anyway. Yes, it’s parenting advice from Tila Tequila. - [The Superficial]

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