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18 Signs Playing Risk Made You A Monster


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1. You know the key to global domination lies here.

2. This is you every time someone recommends Diplomacy or Axis & Allies.

3. You neurotically keep your army in a tight formation.

4. This is you when an opponent chooses to start in Asia or Europe...

5. The game had already turned your parents into monsters.

6. Taken out of context, your comments about other countries sound incredibly jingoist.

7. You tell other players what to do on their turn.

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8. You know this by heart and attack accordingly.

9. You're so paranoid you hide ongoing games in a "neutral" location.

10. You think all the other players are out to get you.

11. Of course, you have no problem breaking alliances yourself.

12. You obsess over taking the cold, desolate Russian peninsula Kamchatka, a place you'd NEVER WANT TO VISIT IN REAL LIFE.

13. If one of your opponent's dice are tilting even just a teeny bit, you make them RE-ROLL!

Except when you rolled it, and it's double sixes. Then it's OK.

Except when you rolled it, and it's double sixes. Then it's OK.

14. You're sooo nice at the beginning of the game, and no one gangs up on you...

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15. ...but soon you become this.

16. Even when victory is sealed, you let the game drag on like a sadistic jerk.

17. And make your friends stay awake for every second of your domination.

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18. Until finally, you experience the greatest feeling of your life.

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