ModestPomp Napkin Doodler, Designer, Picture Snapper. Cravings, wide feet, nose talker. My fantasy involves history and future things making out a lot.
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  • A 1990 Christmas in 52 Seconds

    Tucked deep within an archive of demo reels from Ohio voice talent, a young recording studio intern stumbles upon a cable access special on VHS from 1990. This vid’s got it all: bad sweaters, check. Mullets, check. The obligatory didn’t-quite-tape-over-that-commercial-with-strippers three second delay at the beginning of the tape, check. Songs about the wind…yeah, that too. Here are the highlights. Merry Christmas from the past, y’all!

  • Homeless Man Breakdances For Lunch

    fRESHSTREET(JAPANESE sTREET fOOD) in Columbus, OH presents dANCE4dISCOUNT! Watch this homeless man go head-to-toe with a Break Dancing customer for a $3 meal. I’m impressed…

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