18 Things Every "Sims" Player Has Secretly Done, But Is Too Ashamed To Admit

    We've all tried to speak Simlish at some point.

    1. Killed a Sim

    A male sim laying on the ground dying while a woman sim stands over him weeping

    2. Cheated on Your Sim Partner

    A man in a hot tub with another woman while his wife stands outside the hot tub yelling at him with a broken heart over her head

    3. Flirt With the Grim Reaper

    The grim reaper and a woman laying on the ground looking at the stars together

    4. Grow a Cow Plant

    A giant cow plant about to eat a sim woman

    5. Give Your Sim a Miserable Life

     A sim woman throwing up in a toilet while thinking about heartbreak and her ex

    6. Tried to Speak Simlish

    A woman pointing at her teenage children with anger

    7. Have a Ghost Sim

    three ghost sims chatting at a fancy party

    8. Used the "Motherlode" Cheat

    9. Woo-hooed in a Neighbors' Bed

    Two sims woohooing in an apartment while fireworks go off overhead

    10. Created Your Real Life Crush

    two sims sitting on a bench holding hands

    11. Given Your Sim a Terrible (But Hilarious) Name

    a sim woman wearing a lime green skirt and a cow hat

    12. Created a Celebrity

    13. Trap a Bunch of Poor Sim Souls

    A bunch of sims in a small pool with no ladder to get out

    14. Created a Dungeon

    15. Had a Sim Malfunction and Laughed Way Too Hard

    16. Caught a Sim on Fire

    a sim with his shirt on fire

    17. Fill the Town With Your Sim's Descendants

    an entire generation of sims standing around a baby in a crib

    18. Had Your Sim Run Naked Through Town

    a sim woman running naked down the sidewalk