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    18 Things Every "Sims" Player Has Secretly Done, But Is Too Ashamed To Admit

    We've all tried to speak Simlish at some point.

    1. Killed a Sim

    A male sim laying on the ground dying while a woman sim stands over him weeping
    EA / Via

    Whether intentionally or not, if you have played The Sims, you have killed a Sim. Maybe it was old age, laughing, a Cow Plant, or my personal favorite, death by WooHoo, at least one of your unlucky little Sims has met their end.

    2. Cheated on Your Sim Partner

    A man in a hot tub with another woman while his wife stands outside the hot tub yelling at him with a broken heart over her head
    EA / Via

    Let's be honest, The Sims gives us all an excuse to do things that we would NEVER do irl. And... one of my personal favorite things to do is to have my Sim cheat on their partner. Whether their partner is absolutely perfect for them or an utter jerk, chances are you're going to have your Sim cheat.

    3. Flirt With the Grim Reaper

    The grim reaper and a woman laying on the ground looking at the stars together
    EA / Via

    Love (and death) are in the air with this Sim storyline! Going back to #1, we've all had Sims die, and what better way to ease the pain than a little romance with the Grim Reaper? (Bonus points if your Sim and Grim have had a baby together).

    4. Grow a Cow Plant

    A giant cow plant about to eat a sim woman
    EA / Via

    If you have achieved the feat of growing a Cow Plant, you have my respect. Now, I'm sure some players simply grow a Cow Plant to see if they can do it. However, the majority who have successfully grown one, probably just want to see if it will eat their Sim.

    5. Give Your Sim a Miserable Life

     A sim woman throwing up in a toilet while thinking about heartbreak and her ex
    EA / Via

    "It's a miserable life....." is probably what my Sim would say, if they spoke anything other than Simlish. At one point or another, our Sim has probably had the most miserable existence ever. Whether they are overworked, underpaid, or going through a bad breakup, Sims spend a pretty good portion of their lives unhappy.

    6. Tried to Speak Simlish

    A woman pointing at her teenage children with anger
    EA / Via

    "Sul Sul!" In total honesty, we have all tried to speak Simlish. Whether we're good or bad at it, we all enjoy knowing the language of our Sims.... or just randomly screaming out Simlish terms.

    7. Have a Ghost Sim

    three ghost sims chatting at a fancy party
    EA / Via

    There are definitely some spooky things in The Sims. Ghosts being one of the spookiest and most annoying. Every Sims player has either brought a loved one or had a loved one come back from the grave.

    8. Used the "Motherlode" Cheat

    EA / Via

    Good on you if your Sim is a hard-working member of their community, but for the majority of us, our Sims had a little help. Why have your Sims work themselves to the brink of insanity, if Ctrl-Shift-C can make their wildest financial dreams come true? (If only real-life had this cheat code).

    9. Woo-hooed in a Neighbors' Bed

    Two sims woohooing in an apartment while fireworks go off overhead
    EA / Via

    No house party is complete without some WooHoo in a neighbor's bed. Sure, you might lose friends and any invitation to future parties, but at least your Sim had fun.

    10. Created Your Real Life Crush

    two sims sitting on a bench holding hands
    EA / Via

    Chances are, if you played The Sims in your teenage years, you created your crush. There's nothing like living out your dream romance. (Virtually at least).

    11. Given Your Sim a Terrible (But Hilarious) Name

    a sim woman wearing a lime green skirt and a cow hat
    EA / Via

    While I've personally never done this one, I know of a few that have. There's nothing like seeing a Sim baby being named something outrageously terrible and then being asked if you want to snuggle it.

    12. Created a Celebrity

    Vera Anderson / WireImage, EA / Via

    This is definitely something every player of The Sims has done. Be it a celebrity or a fictional character, we've all been there. (That reminds me to go and check on my WandaVision household).

    13. Trap a Bunch of Poor Sim Souls

    A bunch of sims in a small pool with no ladder to get out
    EA / Via

    Every Sim has gotten trapped somewhere, whether their creator meant to trap them or not. Trapped in a pool, trapped in a basement, or maybe you created an entire house devoted to trapping your Sim, there's a lot of dangerous places for a Sim to go.

    14. Created a Dungeon

    EA / Via

    Okay, some might call it a "basement." But, that's a kind of boring for The Sims. Maybe yours is a basement for extra living space, or maybe you use it to trap a very talented troll? Either way, it's your Sim house, your rules.

    15. Had a Sim Malfunction and Laughed Way Too Hard

    EA / YouTube

    Even if you created the most beautiful, lifelike Sim ever, chances are that they have had an ugly moment or two. We've all been there for our poor creature's hideous moments. However, that doesn't stop us from laughing

    16. Caught a Sim on Fire

    a sim with his shirt on fire
    EA / Via

    It doesn't matter if you mean to or not... At some point in time, all Sims are going to get caught in a fire. (My first fire victim was my first Sim's longtime boyfriend, he sadly died and she never made pancakes again. RIP dude).

    17. Fill the Town With Your Sim's Descendants

    an entire generation of sims standing around a baby in a crib
    EA / Via

    Every Sims' player's dream. Being able to fill the entire town with your Sim's descendants. No matter if you accomplished it through the 100 baby challenge or maybe it took several generations, we all love infiltrating towns. (Extra bonus points if you infiltrated your town with aliens).

    18. Had Your Sim Run Naked Through Town

    a sim woman running naked down the sidewalk
    EA / Via

    Ahhh yes, your Sim has decided to become a streaker. It is definitely an interesting way to walk through town. Sure, your Sim might get a few strange looks (and an embarrassed moodlet), but it's totally worth it for a laugh.

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