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    16 Snacks That I, A Child Of The 2000s, Still Dream About Daily

    You already know Scooby-Doo Gummies are going to be on here!

    1. Hershey Kissables


    To be honest, I thought these were a weird 2000s fever dream for awhile. Someone please start a petition to get Hershey to bring these multicolored bites of my childhood back?

    2. Froot Loops Cereal Straws


    Who didn't love drinking a glass of milk that vaguely tasted like Froot Loops? Fear not my fellow children of the '00s, because Froot Loop Cereal Straws are coming back for a limited time soon!

    3. Scooby-Doo Gummies

    Berry Crocker

    The Holy Grail of Millennial/Gen Z snacks! There was nothing like opening up a bag of deliciousness that smelled like artificial fruit flavoring. Especially, when there were mostly blue ones inside. 


    4. Ice Cream Truck Popsicles Like These


    These popsicles made chasing down the distant sound of an ice cream truck worth it. Name me a better summer memory than a SpongeBob popsicle with his gumball eyes in two completely different locations?

    5. Trix Yogurt


    You can taste the bitter, yet slightly sour, taste of Trix yogurt through the screen, can't you? The item every 2000s kid wanted in the grocery store and then not so much once they got home. 

    6. Shrek Go-Gurts

    Flickr Creative Commons / Via Flicker: jeepersmedia

    The '00s were quite the time to be alive, especially if you were a connoisseur of Shrek-themed foods. And Shrek Go-Gurts were my choice. Nothing like squeezing some melted strawberry-flavored deliciousness out of a tube, am I right?


    7. Jell-O Pudding Pop Popsicles


    If there's one thing in life I mention almost weekly, it has to be Jell-O Pudding Pops. There has never and will never be a frozen treat as delicious as the chocolate and vanilla swirl pop!

    8. Ritz Handi-Snacks


    Look at that plastic-y cheese, can't you just feel the memories? When you peeled off that plastic top, you know deliciousness awaited. I'm pretty sure everyone licked every bit of the extra cheese off of the red stick, too.

    9. Those Vanilla Cookies In Lunchables

    Oscar Mayer

    See that little cookie right there? That is the MOST delicious cookie on the face of the planet. You know if you were a 2000s kid, Lunchables were the most awesome things ever. No other snack let you assemble your own little meal. And everyone who ate a Lunchable, just knew the ham ones hit different, all thanks to the heavenly little vanilla cookie. 


    10. Chips Deluxe Gripz


    You can't go wrong with micro-chocolate chip cookies. Whether you were a savory Gripz fan or a sweet Gripz fan, at one point in your childhood you ate these. No road trip or vacation was complete without them!

    11. Yogurt Burst Cheerios (especially the strawberry ones)

    General Mills

    The 2000s were just yogurt OBSESSED. My three-year-old self thought these were the BOMB.

    12. Kool-Aid Bursts


    Every kid had a love-hate relationship with Kool-Aid Bursts. We loved the Kool-Aid inside and hated the scratchy, terrible tasting plastic bottles. You gotta admit it though, you did feel pretty cool when you got the cap off by yourself.


    13. Push-Ups


    There was no better feeling on a hot summer day than eating this sorbet and ice cream combo out of a toilet paper tube. 

    14. Jet-Puffed Fun Mallows


    Did I make my parents buy these for the taste? Heck no. But, did I make them buy them for their colors? Yes, most definitely! I always remember being so excited to buy these and then being SO disappointed with the chalky fluff mounds inside. 

    15. Hot Chocolate Pop-Tarts


    Hot Chocolate Pop-Tarts hitting shelves were a sure sign that winter was coming in the 2000s. 


    16. And Cinnamon Tic Tacs

    Tic Tac

    Finally, like every child of the 2000s, I LOVED Tic Tacs! Now, while I was a bigger fan of the orange ones, I have very vague memories of delicious little red candies that seemed to be in every mom's purse.