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14 Signs You Grew Up With A Type-A Mom

You know what they're like. Here are just a few of the ways moms go above and beyond for us, and watch your favorite type-A mom in action on Modern Family on USA Network.

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1. This was her favorite book:

2. The carpet in your living room always looked like this:

flossyflotsam / Via Flickr: flossyflotsam

3. She got opinions from three different doctors when you got the chicken pox (even though it was pretty obvious you had the chicken pox):

4. Canned food was always upside down to keep track of expiration dates:

5. You'd get up early to make her a nice Mother's Day breakfast only to find that she'd already made these for YOU:

Jason Lander / Via Flickr: eyeliam

6. Whenever you misbehaved, your punishment was cleaning:

Ryan Harvey / Via Flickr: ryanh

7. When your Easter eggs broke, she turned them into candles:

jonmatthewphotography Thanks for 1 million views / Via Flickr: paperbydesign

8. If it wasn't "color coordinated," it wasn't "organized":

9. Your family had the woodpile of all woodpiles:

fishhawk / Via Flickr: 16502322@N03

10. This was how you were taught to cut your food:

11. Birds were constantly crashing into your windows because they were so clean:

chimothy27 / Via Flickr: chimothy27

12. "Cleaning the washing machine" was a very real chore:

aaltonen / Via Flickr: aaltonen

13. Shoe organizers were never for shoes:

Hey Paul Studios / Via Flickr: hey__paul

14. And EVERYTHING was labeled:

ctaloi / Via Flickr: aloi

For your daily dose of comedy, catch Modern Family, now on USA Network five nights a week!

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