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    • Moderatomic thinks "Kiki" is Cute  about 4 years ago
    • Moderatomic

      This wasavery terrible piece. Your (the author) inability to address the issues that are often brought up when non mormons question the religion, is dismissive. Further, expecting readers to takeaRomney supporters comment that”Mitt Romney’sasmarter guy than you are, maybe he knows something we don’t” as the end of the anti-Mormon argument is insulting. Also, the issue isn’t underwear, polygamy, or questionable historical data (although those are all issues that many people find startling) foralot of people—its religion, period. AND, you should be ashamed for the accusations, unfounded, unproven, and unsupported, of polygamy in Obama’s family is POINTLESS—that is not what the questions surrounding Romney’s faith are about!

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