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6 Reasons BuzzFeed Should Hire Me As A Staff Writer In Sydney.

I've applied for a job as a staff writer at BuzzFeed, and I really want to get it. Like, really, REALLY want it. So here is a list of reasons why I should at least get an interview.

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1. I've graduated from university.


Not just any university, but SYDNEY University, which apparently means I can now be a wanker about it. But only to other Sydney Uni Graduates.

Still, I have an English degree, so I'm pretty good with words. Wurd.

2. I'm completely a writer.


I've never really called myself anything else (except for maybe Batman when I was a kid, or a musician for a while when I was sixteen). I write A LOT, and I freakin' love it. So I should probably do it for a living.

3. I bloody love the internet.


The internet was designed so that billions of people all around the world could connect to each other, and share all the information that mankind possessed. Instead, we filled it up with pictures of cats in human clothes, and mug shots of famous people pulling dumb faces with catchy slogans in white block letters. And Ryan Gosling. And Emma Watson. Which seems like a much better use of history's most impressive and important invention.

4. Grammar is Good.


I've written extensively about grammar before, and why it's so damned important. It is, and we should never, EVER forget that. A dropped comma can change a sentence, and make you say something dirty when you only meant to imply something dirty.

Like a linguistic Liam Neeson, if you misuse the Queen's Proper, I will find you, and I will correct you.

5. I've been published online... a fair bit.


I've only been working as a contributor for a short time, but I've had a fair chunk of my work published online, which is pretty rad. For example, this is a screenshot of a piece I wrote about Lily Allen's new clip. (There're links to most of my other published stuff, BuzzFeed HR, in my application. Check them out.)

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