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13 Reasons Why Mount Holyoke College Is Basically Hogwarts

Mount Holyoke College is the United States' oldest continuing all women's college, founded in 1837 by Mary Lyon. Also, it's pretty much a coven.

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2. We Have a Library to Make Even Hermione Jealous.

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The Library's collection features more than 740,000 volumes and 1,600 periodical subscriptions. The main reading room is modeled after Westminster Hall and the entrance, where a glass blown Chihuly sculpture stands, is modeled after the Medici Library in Florence, Italy.

3. Being a Single-Sex Environment Allows Mount Holyoke Students to Truly Express Themselves.

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Studies show that women learn better among fellow women.

And we all know how J.K. Rowling feels about woman empowerment.

4. Over the Past 178 Years We Have Had Amazing and Talented Women in Our Midst.

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To name a few: Emily Dickinson the poet, Virginia Apgar the creator of the Apgar score for evaluating new borns, Frances Perkins the first female cabinet member (U.S. Secretary of Labor) under FDR, Dulcy Singer a producer for Sesame Street, and Michelle Hurst Miss Claudette on Orange is the New Black.

5. Each Class Has a Creature as its Mascot .


These rotate as one class graduates and another has its first year, so the class of 2019 are the Yellow Sphinxes, 2018 are the Red Pegasi, 2017 are the Green Griffins, and 2016 are the Blue Lions i.e. the four houses of Hogwarts.

8. Mount Holyoke College is Home to Pretty ~Magical~ Classes.

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These include Poisons (i.e. potions), Survey of the Universe (i.e. Astrology), Regenerative Medicine (i.e. Healing), and Madness & Molecules (this just sounds cool).

9. Mount Holyoke is Actually Haunted.

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Most famous is the ghost of Wilder 403. Rumor has it that a former student committed suicide after becoming pregnant. In years following her death, all of the students who lived in her room fell down the stairs and broke a limb. Hoping to ease the fears of future students, the dean stayed a night in 403 to prove that it was perfectly safe. However, in the morning, the dean boarded it up and labeled it as storage, deeming the room unfit for students. To this day it remains locked and uninhabited. ~Spooky~ đź‘»

10. There is Always a New and Wonderful Place to Find.


Like the Room or Requirement, these hidden treasures seem to reveal themselves to you when you need them most. You might find the quiet Octagon Room on the 7th floor of the library in the middle of finals or the warm and tropical green house in the dead of winter.

11. We Have Amazing Traditions.


Convocation to start off the year, Mountain Day where the College cancels classes to go climb Mt. Holyoke, Elfing, Pangy Day when we celebrate the idea of Pangynaskeia word loosely defined as “cultivating the total world of women – physical, intellectual, and moral” aka eating food and enjoying the first nice day of spring, not to mention M&Cs (Milk & Cookies) each weeknight - although sometimes it ends up being carrots - and never forget: Griffins and Lions use the left stairway and Sphinxes and Pegasi use the right, don't want to fail your finals!

12. Mount Holyoke College is Diverse and Inclusive.


Mount Holyoke students come from 74 countries and 45 states, we pride ourselves on having nearly 30% of our student body being international students. In addition, there is much love and support of the LGBTQ community; last year President Lynn Pasquerella announced that the college would be admitting trans women. #flawless

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